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Nike SQ MACHSPEED Driver Now Available

Just the other day I noticed that the Nike SQ MACHSPEED Driver officially hit the stores. It’s a sharp looking club. The new driver from Nike features STR8-FIT technology, and promises to be the longest Nike driver ever produced. Let’s take a closer look at what the Nike SQ MACHSPEED has to offer.

As you can guess, the MACHSPEED is all about, well, SPEED. The club was designed to optimize aerodynamics of the clubhead, which results in higher potential clubhead speeds than any other Nike driver ever made. Faster clubhead speeds = longer distance off the tee… Something most of us seem to be obsessed with.

Nike also has their STR8-FIT technology on-board, which allows you to adjust the face-angle of the club. Eight face angle options are available, from 2 degrees open to 2 degrees closed, giving you the ‘play’ you need to tune the driver to your liking.

One of the major design features you may have noticed is that funky looking sole. Sure, it looks a tad odd, but there’s a purpose to it. Nike has moved weight around and into the corners of the clubhead to provide stability and forgiveness. Combine this with the overall shape of the head, and when standing above your next tee shot you’ll undoubtedly have the confidence you need to pound one down the middle.

The SQ Machspeed STR8-FIT driver is available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 and 13 for men. It’s available in 11.5 and 13 for women. Shaft flexes available include senior, regular, stiff and x-stiff. In the box you’ll find the STR8-FIT torque wrench, and a great looking headcover. Want to see more? I’ve included some more promo shots for your viewing pleasure below:

For more information, hit up the Nike MACHSPEED mini-site >

Gatorade Gives Tiger Woods the Boot

So, it’s official. Gatorade has ended all endorsement deals with Tiger Woods. I’m sure none of you see this as a surprise. Gatorade discontinued the Tiger Woods branded drinks way back in November, long before any of the recent ‘issues’ arrived on the public scene. The formal announcement solidifies what we already knew was coming.

The Gatorade deal is just the latest major sponsor to drop Woods over the past little while. AT&T and Accenture have already given Eldrick the heave-ho.

A Gatorade spokeswoman commented on the developments:

“We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship…We wish him all the best.”

The good news here (if there is any), is that Gatorade is standing by their commitment and relationship with the Tiger Woods Foundation. Good on ’em. The Foundation does a lot of good work, and taking sponsorship monies away from such a good cause would be a huge gaffe … at least in my opinion.

There’s no doubt that Gatorade wishes Woods the best, as he’s made them a lot of money… and vice versa. Still, one has to wonder if Woods will ever regain sponsorship contracts like this one in the future. If he can get his personal life back in order, and get his golf game up to the level we’re used to seeing, maybe Gatorade will give him another look, sign him, and release a new beverage:


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Natalie Gulbis’ Caddy Has Balls… In His Mouth

Sometimes it takes balls to stand up to your player and recommend a different shot. Other times, it takes balls to lay down on the ground, put a tee in your mouth, and let the boss stroke a drive right down the middle of the fairway.

That’s exactly what Natalie Gulbis’ caddie Greg did the other day, as I found out about via her Twitter feed. As you can clearly see in the shot above, Greg, the ever dutiful caddy submitted to the exhibition, with Natalie cranking one right down the middle.

Frankly, I’d have to close my eyes for this one. When Natalie does that little head-dip she has in her swing, I’d FOR SURE lose my cool and twitch. I know she’s a pro (and a great one at that) but yikers, I’m not sure I’d do this myself.

Wait… you know what? For Natalie Gulbis, for sure… I’d do just about anything 🙂

Tip of the cap to Natalie and Greg for sharing some humor with the world here. Greg, you’ve got balls. Either that, or Natalie has you wrapped around her little finger.

Note: Please excuse the headline, I couldn’t help myself.

One more note: Wouldn’t Natalie be penalized for this shot? I mean, her caddy has a towel underneath him. Isn’t that improving his/her lie? 🙂

I MISS the Old David Duval, But I LIKE The New One Much More

Yeah, you heard me. I miss the old David Duval. The one that won 12 PGA titles and 1 major championship (2001 British Open). The thing is, while I MISS the old David Duval I LIKE the NEW David Duval much more.

Sure, he’s not winning like he used to, heck, is just trying as hard as he can to stick around on tour. But he seems grounded, humbled and most importantly you can really tell that beneath it all he’s always been a nice guy. When David was #1 in the world he was stoic, a rock of confidence that didn’t shed an ounce of emotion. That was his thing. He internalized and kept everything in-check to play his best.

After his fall from grace things have changed. If you watch him out on the course now you can almost ‘feel’ his effort. His desire to win. His emotions oozing out of him and his absolute desire to get back the game he lost.

Don’t get me wrong, I think David knows if he can’t work his way back to the game that put him on top of the world, the game that garnered a British Open title and even an amazing 59… He’ll be OK with it. Maybe that’s another thing I appreciate about the guy these days too. There seems to be that inner peace about him. And that’s why I’m pulling for him so much. The former #1 is now the underdog. He’s trailing by 4 with 9 holes to go. Can he do it? I don’t know, but I’m pulling for him.

John Daly Inks Deal with Slix Underwear

‘Big JD’ is no longer ‘Big JD’. You know how I know this for certain? He’s just been sponsored by an underwear company.

That’s right, John has inked a deal with Slix, a company that offers shirts, underwear, socks and more… all along the way promising unmatched comfort and performance. Now, I’m not sure what I’m looking for when it comes to ‘performance’ underwear… I think my base criteria is that it stays covers what it needs to cover, and stays in place all day. That’s not too much to ask, is it? 🙂

Regardless, as you can see in the shots I’ve included here, it looks like John has started a new career in underwear modeling. I bet he never thought in a million years he’d be doing something like this!

Congrats to John and Slix on the new partnership. Hopefully it’ll be a comfortable and well-performing partnership for years to come.

For more information on Slix and what they have to offer, take a few moments and hit up

Note: In case you haven’t heard, we’re running a contest with the help of John Daly as well. Check out the details right here. Comment or tweet about the contest, tell us which LOUDMOUTH pants you’d like to see John wear… and the winner will receive a pair of LOUDMOUTH pants, PLUS, John will wear the pair of your choosing at his next PGA Tour Event in Puerto Rico. For real! 🙂

Paul Casey is my Hero for Today

How can you not like Paul Casey? I mean, seriously. The guy seems like such a down-to-earth fella, heck, I’d like to tee it up and play a quick 9 or 18… I’m sure I’d learn a few things from the guy.

Last year after winning the Houston Open, Paul promised to return with help for local charities. Almost a year has passed, and it looks like Mr. Casey is delivering on his promise. Paul, together with his wife Jocelyn are donating $100,000 to charity via the Houston Golf Association. What can I say, but a big *thumbs up* (guess that’s not saying anything, is it?)

Over the weekend Paul finished second in the Accenture match play to Ian Poulter, and although he came up just a little bit short (he lost 4 and 2 in the 36 hole finale), he still took home $850,000 for his troubles. That’s a lot of cash to play golf for a few days. I’d take it.

With that said, I hope more PGA Tour Professionals will take a page out of Paul’s book here… Especially those professionals entrenched in the top 50, with no worries of losing their card. Let’s face it, they make millions upon millions each year in prize money and endorsements… How much money does one really need? If you’re making $5 million a year, surely you could afford to donate $100,000 or $200,000, or perhaps even $500,000 to charity? Do good by doing good!

The Houston Open is on this year April 1st through 4th. Paul will be working with the tournament director Steve Timms to determine which charity (or charities) will receive monies.

Again, a huge *thumbs up* to Paul and Jocelyn. Good on ya.

[Via: PGATour]

Caught on Camera: Augusta National Covered in Thick Blanket of Snow

Uh oh. Say it ain’t so! The hallowed grounds of Augusta National were doused with a somewhat thick blanket of snow when the southern blizzard hit… 4 to 6 inches of snow to be exact! If the Masters’ were to start tomorrow, I’d have to put my money on anyone playing the new Srixon Z-STAR X Tour Yellow ball. Would be much easier to spot in the snow 🙂

For more amazing images taken by someone over at Augusta National (perhaps a member or one of the greens crew?), head on over to

Amazing stuff!

Note: Pictured above is a view of the 16th hole from behind the green.

The Secret to Ian Poulter’s Success? It’s All in the Pants

Some might say it took hard work, determination and an unwavering will to win. It’s hard to argue with that, but when I think of some key factors that may have vaulted Ian Poulter to his WGC win on Sunday (and jump to #5 in the world) I can only think of one thing. The pants.

It is my personal view that ‘Poults’ takes something to heart that makes him feel, look and actually PLAY better. That something is a little saying ‘the clothes make the man’. Pink is Ian’s favorite color. At least, that’s what I remember from watching a recent Golf Channel ‘Playing Lessons With the Pros‘ featuring Poulter. There’s no doubt Ian wanted to make sure everything was going in the right direction for yesterday’s final 36-hole match. So what color was he wearing? Pink from head to toe (well, actually he was book-ended with a white visor and white shoes… but you get the picture). I’m sure somewhere Paula Creamer was jealous. When you think about it, on the eve of your biggest match day in quite some time, why wear just any old outfit when you could wear the color you love so dear? Pink it was, for the win. 4 and 2.

Let me dig a bit deeper into the reasons I believe the pants (ok, and the whole outfit) were without a doubt key to Ian’s win. First, confidence. Think about it. The guy was looking good, therefore he was feeling good, and he hit the ball solid and with conviction. Second, intimidation. Now, I’m not saying that Poulter is going to intimidate Paul Casey on any level, heck, I’m sure the chaps are very friendly with one another… But when you head to the first tee with a guy dressed from head to toe in something so unique, surely Paul had one or to miscellaneous thoughts running through his head OTHER than golf during the long match. Lastly, comfort. Not only was Ian wearing his color of choice… he was wearing his BRAND of choice… his own clothing line! Couple the clothes with a slick pair of FootJoy boots to unleash a Pink-ish storm of comfort and style that no opponent could resist.

Sure, some might say Ian’s win and rise to #5 in the world has everything to do with hard work. I can’t argue with that. But still, part of me thinks a big part of it is in the wardrobe. Now you know his secret. It’s all in the pants.

Well done, Ian… Well done!

For more info on Ian Poulter’s clothing line, hit up IJP Design.

Davis Love III Shows Off His Custom Scotty Cameron ‘Stealth’ Carry Bag

Oh it’s just so not fair. Why do all of the major-winning, straight-hitting, putt-sinking professionals get all the good schwag? 🙂 The other day I happened to notice the bag you see above in Davis Love III’s twitter feed. A custom Scotty Cameron ‘Stealth’ bag. Fantastic. I’ll take two!

Big tip of the cap to the folks at Scotty Cameron for putting together the bag, and another tip of the cap to Davis for sharing it with his followers. I know almost EVERYONE out there would want this bag over their shoulder… or better yet, their caddy’s shoulder 🙂

Contest: Win a Pair of Loudmouth Golf Pants – Which Pair of Loudmouth Pants Should John Daly Wear Next?

So here’s the deal. Earlier this week while watching some of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, I happened to notice the Norwegian curling team wearing some crazy pants. So crazy in fact, that I thought to myself, ‘man, those have GOT to be Loudmouth Pants!’. Sure enough, after a brief bit of research, the pants the team were wearing were indeed from loudmouth, and heck, I think they looked great.

So here’s the deal… I’m going to run a little contest here. It’s simple. To enter you need to do one of two things (or both!).

1. Leave a comment to this post, and let me know which pants you think John Daly should wear on the THURSDAY of his next tour event. To view possible choices head on over to Loudmouth Golf.

2. Follow us on Twitter @GolfCrunchLive and tell your followers about the contest via Twitter. Tweet the contest details to let your friends know about it! Heck, winning a pair of Loudmouth pants is a good thing, no?

That’s all you need to do. If you’re going to leave a comment on this post, select the pair you’d like to see John wear, and tell us WHY you’d like to see him wear them.

A winner will be randomly chosen from the comments AND Twitter. The winner will walk away (literally) with a pair of Loudmouth Pants courtesy of (you select the pair you want!).

That’s it folks. Hop to it. Head on over to Loudmouth Golf and start browsing. Pick the pair you’d like to see John Daly wear, leave your reasons WHY in the comments… Tweet about it on Twitter… and make sure you let John Daly know about it @PGA_JohnDaly. If we all work together maybe we CAN get John to wear the pants of our choosing on the THURSDAY of his next tour event! John has confirmed, he WILL wear the pants of our contest winners’ choosing, on Thursday, March 11th!

Contest ends Tuesday, February 23rd at 11:59PM CST.

Update: We’ve adjusted the contest deadline due a recent conversation we had with John via Twitter. John’s next event is going to be the Puerto Rico Open, which gets under way on March 8th with practice rounds and more… So, in order to get ‘panted’, John has requested we let him know of the winning decision by the Sunday before the event. The deadline for entries will be Saturday, March 6th at 11:59PM CST!

Good luck!