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Fowler’s Urban Golf Shootout

Rickie Fowler challenged fellow pro, roommate and three-time All-American from Georgia Tech, Cameron Tringale to a game of Red Bull P.A.R, an urban golf shootout consisting of three holes, to find out who has the better repertoire of inventive shots. On the line, besides the bragging rights, was the loser having to do the winner’s laundry and dishes at their house for a month.

On Monday in Atlanta, the duo hit a chip shot out of STRIP Steak & Sushi in Atlantic Station then headed over to the Millennium Gate where 17th Street traffic came to a halt as they hit a blind shot over the 100 foot monument and capped off the game with a shot over the pond to putt on the “green” median of the busy street.

Looks like they used real golf balls too (!?).

BBDO’s New FedEx “Golf Club Shipping” Ads

In June I wrote about FedEx’s ad campaign for shipping golf clubs. As the FedEx Cup season is winding down, the company is back with new creative care of their agency, BBDO.

AdWeek noted how the spots, “Shrink Ray” and “Test Shipment,” feature the familiar quick-witted humor we’ve come to expect from BBDO’s FedEx work.

The point being, you can hand your clubs off to FedEx and breathe easy—no matter how insanely protective you are.

Here’s where you can learn more. There are discounts for the Express and Ground service.


Turner’s Extended Coverage of PGA Championships

Ready for the last Major of the season? TNT & Turner Sports own the broadcast rights this time around with CBS handling prime weekend slots.

Leveraging online and mobile possibilities, TNT/Turner Sports has a full slate of options available:

– A free iPhone/iPod Touch PGA Championship app is available that includes live video of the day’s “Marquee Group”, plus coverage of all four Par 3 holes.

– Scores and other updates are available on the PGA’s optimized mobile and iPad sites.

– A new 360 Degree camera that users can adjust to get a broader view will be available.

– A video highlight hub lets users customize views and information by player, round, hole or memorable moment, and share these on-demand albums.

– “Snap and share” clipping feature for favorite moments that can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

– Social media features including #PGAChamp destination on Twitter and live fan chats.

Source: Video Nuze