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Mercedes Commences Road Show to Promote & Teach Golf

Starting this week at Augusta National, Mercedes-Benz is kicking off a mobile golf tour co-branded with the PGA of America which will offer an opportunity for all levels of golfers to have their swing analyzed.  The program is being headed by two-time Masters winner, Bernhard Langer.

Mercedes Sprinter vans will be used to tote the golf swing simulators and other training systems that use digital video, motion measurement and biofeedback technology to measure a person’s swing.

Over the next several months, the automaker will take the tour to at least nine PGA events, including the Wells Fargo Championship, Senior PGA Championship, AT&T National, PGA Championship, Charles Schwab Cup Championship, and Chevron World Challenge, along with several Mercedes-Benz Dealer Golf Sectionals and PGA Play Golf America days.

The Mercedes-Benz Performance Center was conceived from a golfing center that Mercedes-Benz had at the PGA Championship last year, said Lisa Holladay, manager of brand experience marketing at Mercedes-Benz USA.  “Mercedes-Benz and PGA of America wanted to “take it out on the road to reach more people and support the growth of the game of golf,” she said.

Source:  The Augusta Chronicle


Getting into the Swing of Things… With Tiger’s Help?

This doesn’t make a lot of sense. Conceptually, releasing a golf swing helper app just before The Masters, as seasonal golfers start heading to the links to get their game on, is the right idea. But a “Tiger Woods: My Swing” iPhone app? He hasn’t actually been consistent over the last year. Most consider his swing a work in process.

In a New York Times story, Woods was quoted saying,” “I have always enjoyed helping people learn how to play golf. Everything about this app is based on how I practice. To be able to do something like this, which wasn’t possible 10 or 15 years ago, is a win-win for everyone.”

I’ll admit that I learned course management from Tiger Woods on my Playstation.

The Swing’s the Thing: Among the application’s features is the ability to capture one’s swing online and evaluate it over time in a side-by-side comparison to Woods’s swing. In the role of virtual coach, Woods also offers analysis, updates, how-to demonstrations and personal tips.

Here are some highlights of the app, which was created by Shotzoom Software:

  • Enhanced video capture
  • Side-by-side swing comparison with Tiger Woods
  • Advanced swing analysis and how-to demonstrated by Woods
  • Swing comparisons, sharing and feedback tools tied to friends and community members
  • Exclusive updates from Tiger and his life on Tour**

**Might be TMI (as in too much information)

  • High quality video of each club from both Face On and Down the Line angles
  • “How-to” video directly from Tiger covering swing analysis
  • Time delay to allow for self-recording**

** This is an interesting concept. Just curious how you prop the iPhone to grab the swing. There must be tips for that.


  • ·Overlay “Tiger Lines” that demonstrate proper technique
  • Compare your swing side-by-side with Tiger, a friend or one of your own

Plus, there’s an for saving your videos online in a free personal profile at

The “Tiger Woods: My Swing” app is a “mere” $9.99. Considering the price of other golf aid products, that’s actually not bad. But relevant to other iPhone apps, it is pricey. The proceeds of this app benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation.

“From the funds raised we can continue to give many more young people a shot at college,” said Tiger.

Might be worth a shot.


Justin Rose & Fearless Golf…

Apparently, Dr. Gio Valiante’s Fearless Golf Program played a leading role in helping Justin Rose, winless after nine years on the PGA Tour, secure his first PGA Tour title at The Memorial.  In fact, he said it himself upon walking off the green.

Dr. Valiante’s program provides a vision for competitive golf that allows golfers to remain fearless, focused, and committed to each and every shot they hit.  Rose began the program on May 22.  That makes the results even more impressive.

There were some bumps though.

You may recall that during the final round of the Travelers Championship, Rose lost the lead and finished ninth.

“After adversity is the best time to learn the principles of Fearless Golf,” said Dr. Valiante. “I told Justin, we needed this to happen to see where your game breaks down. I promise you’ll be better tomorrow than you are today.”

Seven days later, Rose was hoisting the trophy for his second PGA Tour event win, the AT&T National. During the post-round press conference, Rose again credited Dr. Valiante’s Fearless Golf.

Other PGA Tour Pros on the program include:  Camilo Villegas, Matt Kuchar and Heath Slocum.

The program IS within reach of mere mortals (AKA non-Tour golfers).  A  3-disk DVD is available for just under $100.

You can learn more by visiting


For the Serious Golfer: 6 Tips to Maximize a Great Start

We all want to play our best, all the time. While getting proper instruction and advice from an accredited teaching professional is sage advice… there are some simple things you can do all on your own to maximize your chances of optimal performance, no matter how serious or fun your upcoming round/tournament/match may be.

Jack Nicklaus on the First Tee

Below are our Top 6 tips to help you get off to a great start:

1. Play a practice round or two. This can’t be overemphasized. No matter how important (or unimportant) an event may be, you can’t deny the fact that the more you play a course, the better you’ll know it. Knowledge is power. Get out to the course and get familiar with it. Chart the greens and putt to every nook and cranny on each of them. Do your best to ensure you know what the ball is going to do on all 18 surfaces. Make notes on ideal places to drive the ball, and the best spots to drop your shots on the green. If possible, head out to the course with a local caddy or member. Any ‘insider’ knowledge they can relay to you could prove to be invaluable. Again, knowledge is power. If you have your own caddy, be sure to bring him or her along for the ride as well, or have them head out separately to chart the course in as much detail as possible.

2. Know the best route to the course. This may seem silly, but knowing how to get to and from the course is crucial. Are your transportation requirements taken care of? Chances are, you’re going to be driving yourself to the course. Do you know the route? Have you given yourself ample time to arrive when you want to? By taking care of transportation ahead of time, and giving yourself a ‘buffer’ to arrive early, you avoid any undue stress or pressure to the body and mind… something that could definitely ‘razzle’ you before you’ve even had a chance to get to the course.

3. Stretch. After having arrived at the course take a good 15 minutes to stretch. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the locker room, on the range, wherever… make sure you’re good and limber before stepping up to hit some balls. Check out this awesome stretching routine from the one-and-only Greg Norman.

4. Hit the range. Time to prep with some ball striking. What’s most important here is to feel comfortable and ‘loose’. Don’t worry about any poor shots you may hit. Start off with your wedges, working your way up through your irons to finish off with your hybrids, fairway woods and driver. To wrap up any practice you may want to finish with a beautiful drive, or maybe a wedge shot that you stuck close to a pin. Whatever the case, finish while striking the ball solidly, and on a positive note.

5. Stroke some putts. Get the feel of the greens. I prefer to only play ONE practice ball to recreate situations on the actual course during the round. After all, you only get ONE crack on each putt out there, right? Do you best to judge the speed, as this will be of critical importance. Keep in mind however, that the practice green(s) may not be the same speed as you’ll find on the course. Maybe the practice green hasn’t been cut, maybe the greens on the course have been double-cut… Keep that in mind… But do try and feel a smooth and confident stroke… and walk away with confidence.

6. Focus and have fun. Get your gear together, and make your way towards the first tee. This may be a good time to have a few sips of water, or maybe chomp down on an apple or banana for some extra kick-start energy. Stay loose, introduce yourself with a smile to your playing partners, and ‘let it go’. You’ve prepared yourself admirably, now it’s time to tee it off and play your best.