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Callaway Announces 273-Promo Tied to Els’ Win…

Just got wind of a pretty cool promo that Callaway Golf is doing in honor of Ernie Els’ major championship victory at Royal Lytham & St. Annes. Based on Els’ British Open score of 273 (67-70-68-68), Callaway will — for 273 hours beginning at 12:00am PST Wednesday, July 25 – sell its RAZR Fit driver for $273 and its HEX Black Tour golf ball for $27.30 online at

The promotion will also be available at participating retailers. The Big Easy used both the RAZR Fit driver and the HEX Black Tour golf ball to propel himself to the second Open Championship victory of his Hall of Fame career.

The Callaway RAZR Fit driver has now won 10 professional tournaments worldwide, with five victories coming in the last seven weeks.

About his RAZR Fit, Ernie said on Sunday, “I hit a lot of drivers on the back nine and I was just trying to make birdies. I was right in the moment…I was really just playing the shot in the moment.”

The HEX Black Tour golf ball has been used in four of the last seven wins on the European Tour, where the ball’s aerodynamic properties help to mitigate typically windy conditions.

The offer is valid at and at participating retailers. Pricing is determined by individual retailers and may vary. The promotion lasts from July 25, 2012 at 12:00AM PST through August 5, 2012 at 9:00AM PST.


Source: Callaway Golf Company

Bridgestone Golf Teams Up With Michelob ULTRA for Father’s Day Promo

This week, Bridgestone Golf announced it is partnering with Michelob ULTRA for the “Golfer’s Ultimate 6-Pack” promotion which is timed for Father’s Day. , The Golfer’s Ultimate 6-Pack is a limited-edition package which features five Michelob ULTRA Slimline cans and a three-ball sleeve of Bridgestone’s award-winning e6 golf balls (where legal).

The Golfer’s Ultimate 6-Pack will be released on May 23 and is the first retail package to combine Michelob ULTRA with Bridgestone e6 golf balls at the point of purchase. The promotion includes nearly 500,000 sleeves of e6 balls, making this one of the largest golf ball samplings in recent history.

The e6 features three-piece Surlyn cover construction which provides the ability to reduce sidespin for increased accuracy and longer distance. According to the company’s press announcement, the new e6 remains the lowest compression multi-layer ball on the market – perfect for moderate swing speed players looking to limit slices and hooks – and features Bridgestone’s new Dual Dimple Technology for improved distance performance.

For more information on the Golfer’s Ultimate 6-Pack and Bridgestone’s entire line up of balls, visit


Video Exclusive: Nike Golf’s 20XI Golf Ball

At the 36th annual Haggin Oaks Golf Expo in Sacramento, California, I had a chance to run around with my video camera and talk to vendors about what’s hot for 2011.

Here is the first of several interviews that I will be posting. I met Nike Golf’s Arthur Molinari. He is a product development engineer who kindly took some time to educate me on the 20XI golf ball.

Also, please note that boxes of the 20XI are selling for $45.95 at major volume retailers (a far cry from the MSRP noted in my earlier post).


Case Closed: Callaway Loses Patent Fight Over Pro V1 Ball

Acushnet Co, the parent company of Titleist, said it has won a long-running patent battle with Carlsbad-based Callaway Golf over the popular Pro V1 golf ball. On Thursday, a U.S. District Judge in Delaware denied Callaway’s request for a new trial and officially closed the five-year-old case.

Callaway sued Acushnet, claiming that the Pro V1 violated four Callaway patents (these came from Callaway purchase of the Top Flite golf ball business from a bankrupt Spalding in 2003). Though initially, Callaway was victorious (partially) with the possibility of collecting nearly a quarter million dollars from past sales of Pro V1 balls, Acushnet appealed. Last year, a jury ruled that the four patents were invalid because they were not new. Callaway fought the ruling but was ultimately unsuccessful.

The Pro V1 ranks as the most popular high-performance ball in golf. An interesting point that probably worked to Acushnet’s favor was that the company introduced the Pro V1 ball to professional players in 2000 — well before before the patents in question were issued in 2001 and 2003.


New Ad Builds Excitement for Nike 20XI Golf Ball

Nike 20XI Golf Ball

Nike Golf has a new ad (an incredibly impressive one) that doesn’t feature Tour Pro golfers.  Rather, the star is a magnificent black stallion that is moving quite quickly through a golf course — tearing up turf.  As it approaches a green, the stallion rears up on its hind legs and then lands his front hoofs on the green without leaving a mark (note:  I replayed it several times to confirm what I thought I saw).  Impressive indeed.

At the end of the 30 second spot, we are informed the product is the 20XI golf ball, and it will be available April 29.


Found out that the 20XI is the latest Nike Golf advanced technology product to emerge from “The Oven.”

It is a revolutionary golf ball that is the first ball on Tour to use a radical new core technology which delivers more distance off the tee and better control around the greens.

The analogy of the stallion makes sense.

Upon further research, I found a post by Rock Ishii, Nike’s product development director, Nike golf balls, which provides insight into the new 20XI golf ball:

  • The construction of the 20XI creates consistency within its make-up and the results it provides.
  • With the older technology, the solid rubber core, you had so many manufacturing steps, additives, curing, pressing, etc.  The new 20XI ball with its radical new resin core simplifies things.  It’s no longer about layers, but instead about a faster and lighter core.
  • In the past ball designs, we were limited in terms of MOI (moment of inertia). In the 20XI ball, we used an ionomer lightweight material around the perimeter. By moving the lightweight material to the center, we achieve higher MOI with a heavier perimeter. This MOI increase makes for a steeper spin slope; a ball that spins more off short shots and less off a driver, creating a huge competitive advantage for our athletes.

That advantage comes at a steep price:  $58 a box.
To put that in perspective, Titleist Pro Vs run $45.95.  The TaylorMade Pentas list for the same.

The ad appears below.  Nike Golf’s agency of record,  Wieden + Kennedy Portland was responsible for it.  Ellen Kuras directed it using Alexa and Phantom cameras to convey the message of power and control.

They’ve got me curious.  Now I wonder which Tour Pros will bite.  As of the last “Tour Van” post by GolfWeek, the ball breakdown for the Valero Texas Open (144-player field) was as follows:

1. Titleist (104)
2. Srixon (12)
3. Callaway (10)


Polara Unveils Self-Correcting Golf Balls

A company named Polara Golf has come up with that they call “Self-Correcting Technology™” which they have incorporated in  the Polara Ultimate Straight (2-piece) and the Polara Super Straight (3-piece) golf balls.  Utilizing a unique dimple design (there are 386 dimples), Polara’s Self-Correcting Technology golf balls are supposed to reduce dreaded hooks and slices by up to 75%.

In the company’s press announcement, they stated,  “Using Polara golf balls is guaranteed to improve the game, increase accuracy and lower the score for every golfer.”  That’s definitely an eyebrow-raising claim.

If you go to their website, you’ll find videos and test results.  Limited editions of the Polara golf balls, with the Polara ‘No Limits’ logo are currently available for pre-sale at  Pricing starts at $27.99 for a box of 12 balls.  Please note that Polara is offering 100% satisfaction guarantee.

“If you are not completely satisfied with any of your Polara® golf balls, simply return the unused portion, package, and cash receipt within 30 days of purchase date (found on your receipt) and we will refund your purchase.”

Could be worth a try…


Golf Vendors Jump on Johnson’s Colonial Win…

Titleist sent out an email blast letting those who opted in know that their “Brand Ambassador,”  Zach Johnson trusted the Pro V1x golf ball and a bag full of Titleist equipment in his come-from-behind, record-setting performance at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. Capping his seventh career win in style, Zach closed with consecutive rounds of 64 on his way to a tournament record score of 21-under par.

“When it comes to performance excellence, shot to shot, and round to round, more of the world’s best trust their game to Titleist.”

FootJoy also made an announcement about how Zach Johnson’s win was “the first for the new FJ SPORT golf shoe.

FJ SPORT is designed and developed for the player seeking bold, athletic-inspired performance golf shoes.  Utilizing striking patterns and color, FJ SPORT integrates proven performance attributes and premium materials. Zach wore FJ SPORT style #53102 and a StaSof glove during his most recent victory.

With a 21-under 259 total, Zach not only set a new tournament record, but recorded the lowest four-round total on the PGA Tour since FJ player Geoff Ogilvy won the season-opening SBS Championship at 22-under 270.

FootJoy took their announcement a step further than Titleist.  They have a campaign this PGA season called, “FJ WINS, YOU WIN.

It gives folks an opportunity to win FJ SPORT and StaSof, just like Zach wore en route to victory at Colonial.  You can enter by clicking here.

Also, here’s a FJ Sport feature overview:

  • Full Grain Leather Uppers  – for comfort, breathability, and durability.
  • 2-Year Waterproof Warranty
  • PU Coated Leather Toe Guard  – designed to prevent abrasion caused by toe-drag on the back foot during the follow through.
  • Athletic Mesh Liner  – for breathability.
  • EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) Fit-Beds  – provide lightweight cushioning underfoot.
  • Full TPU Outsole – creates a lightweight, durable and stable hitting platform.
  • Stinger cleats by CHAMP (white/black) –  provide superior traction throughout the entire golf swing.

Now the real question is, where in Johnson’s garage will he store his winning shoes?


Lost & Found Balls: Times Story on Boon/Burden

Did you catch the story in The New York Times Golf Blog about lost golf balls?

Written by Bill Pennington, it started off by talking about the 100K golf balls found in Scotland’s Loch Ness (as in monster).  Clearly, there’s a lack of actual driving ranges in Scotland, so why not?

Okay, all kidding aside.  The story goes on to discuss the negative ecological impact of lost golf balls.  For most of us, the negative impact is on our wallets.

Pennington mentions how “the retrieval and discount repackaging of lost golf balls has mushroomed into a lucrative business expanding into global emerging markets.”

A year and a half ago, I wrote a story about one such business: What they do is retrieve golf balls from the lakes and water hazards of over 2000 resorts, private facilities and top daily fee courses in 32 states. The balls are then shipped to one location where they are cleaned with soap and water and sorted by hand into various brands, models, conditions and offerings, which are then made available for purchase.

The company offers a huge selection of “perfect” and “near perfect” golf balls from most every renowned golf ball manufacturer.  At the time of my article, had retrieved and sold over 220 million golf balls.

Most golf courses discourage “ball hawking” because it tends to slow up the game.  There are benefits to finding lost balls while searching for your own.  You may discover a brand that works for you.  Plus, there’s nothing like playing with a lost ball over a long carry or near water — it’s like playing with house money.

Check out the article and the comments (Quite amusing actually!).


Titleist Announces Promo: Free Golf Ball Personalization

You may be familiar with the series of “How do you mark your Titleist?” ads (see example below).  Titleist just announced a promotion where no Sharpie is required.

Timed for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Titleist is waiving personalization charges on its popular Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls, as well as the new NXT Tour, NXT and DT SoLo models.

On any order of just one dozen or more, customers can create their unique personalized message imprinted on the golf ball in up to three lines of block text in black, blue, green or red ink for no additional charge.

To learn more, visit your local golf shop or any authorized Titleist golf ball retailer. The promo ends June 30, 2010.


Titleist Wins Decision In Pro V1 Patent Dispute With Callaway

The manufacturer of Titleist, the #1 ball in golf, Acushnet Company, just announced that they won a jury verdict in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware in its golf ball patent dispute with Callaway Golf.  Callaway had asserted that a previous generation of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls had infringed on four patents originally owned by Spalding and subsequently purchased by Callaway Golf. The jury agreed with Acushnet’s position that the patents in question are invalid.

Looks like the decision may finally put the dispute to rest.

Acushnet has explained throughout this process that they independently developed the technology in question.  In fact, the Titleist Pro V1 family utilizes technology from 74 Acushnet patents and was first introduced to our PGA TOUR players in October 2000, well before any of the Spalding patents were issued in 2001 and 2003.

In January 2006, before Callaway filed this litigation, Acushnet petitioned the U.S.  Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) to reexamine the four patents in the suit. Since then, the PTO has repeatedly found that all claims of all four patents are invalid. During this process, seven separate PTO examiners were involved in evaluating the validity of these patents and all seven concluded that they are invalid.

By the way, Acushnet currently holds over 715 of the nearly 2,000 active patents related to golf balls – more than any other manufacturer.