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Cleveland Classic Series Drivers Combine Retro Styling with Today’s Tech

If you could construct a driver with the look of persimmon, with the technology of today, what would you end up with? The answer is plain to see… you’d end up with the Cleveland ‘Classic’ series of drivers!

The Cleveland Classic series are indeed beautiful. Inspired by the look of yesteryear (I’m thinking of the old persimmon woods I have in my garage right now!), with the rocket-science tech of today.

The Classics are available in 3 different models. Available now in 270 grams, 290 grams and 310 grams (also called the ‘tour’), the series is as beautiful as it is long. (As a small aside, one of the things I really love about this driver isn’t the driver at all… it’s the awesome retro headcover that comes with!.. Although, I do love the polished finish on the crown as well.)

The classics feature a pear-shaped profile with a very large and deep clubface. I dig the deep clubface, I must admit. For some reason, it always inspires confidence for me on the tee. Just feels right.

If you’re interested in picking one of these up at your local golf shop, I suggest you give each model a try. The different weights are quite noticeable, especially when you hold one in each hand. Slower swing speed? Go for the 270. Swing with tour-like mph’s? Go for the ‘tour’ 310 model.

Bottom line, if you dig the retro design combined with the classic pear shape and ultra-deep clubface, the Cleveland Classic driver could be a great fit for your bag. Although I haven’t put a Cleveland wood in my bag for a little while now, I DID play them for a very long time… and I can attest to the fact that they make a very strong product… Strong and long!

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Inspired by Cigars, Never Compromise Unveils Limited Line of Putters…

Never Compromise recently announced the launch of the new Connoisseur™ Limited line of putters.

The Connoisseur™ series is inspired by the world’s best cigars, made from the finest ingredients, embodying premium taste. Similar to the Dinero™ and Gambler™ Limited putter lines, the Connoisseur™ line features four classic designs named and individually machined with artwork reminiscent of traditional cigars. All models are forged from 303 Stainless Steel, and the combination of the soft material and the forged grain structure provides unprecedented feel at impact. Machined to perfection, these putters have some of the tightest manufacturing tolerances in the industry to inspire confidence over every putt. Classic design and modern construction give these putters a unique look that’s appreciated by the world’s most demanding and refined customers. Each product is truly a masterpiece.

Never Compromise® offers a unique customization feature with their Connoisseur™, Dinero™ and Gambler™ Limited putter lines. The “MY CUSTOM PUTTER” Web site gives consumers unprecedented customization and personalization options, allowing them the opportunity to transform any of the Connoisseur™, Dinero™ or Gambler™ Limited putter models into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Custom options consist of multiple paint fills, length, lie, grip, a text inscription and more.

The limited edition putter will be marked with a unique serial number and include a certificate of authenticity. The MAP pricing on all Connoisseur models is $299.99 for stock models and $349.99 for custom models. Custom models require a processing period of up to 3 weeks for delivery.

For more details on “MY CUSTOM PUTTER” visit:


Cleveland Golf Champs are All Right…

Over the weekend, Cleveland® Golf/Srixon’s rookie staffer Keegan Bradley won the 2011 HP Byron Nelson Championship.  Bradley, a PGA TOUR rookie and nephew of LPGA legend Pat Bradley, got his first professional win nine just days before his 25th birthday.  The week before, David Toms took first in the Crown Plaza Invitational — winning on the PGA TOUR for the first time since 2006.  To Todd Harman, president of Cleveland Golf/Srixon® -U.S.A, these victories are excellent endorsements of the company’s lightweight products.

“When two distinctly different types of players leverage our Right-Weight Fitting Technology to earn back-to-back victories, we know we’re onto something special,” he said.

The timing is perfect too as Cleveland Golf/Srixon has just announced significant investments toward bolstering their club fitting initiatives for 2011. Chuck Thiry, brand manager for Cleveland Golf, said “Our 2011 products push the limits for weight reduction and distance. We have invested heavily in our fitting resources to prove to our customers that Cleveland Golf can improve their game and lower their scores. We guarantee it.”

Number one on their “New for 2011” list is the Right Weight Guarantee.  This year’s Ultralite drivers come in three different weights so every player can find his right weight driver – regardless of swing type or performance preference. The Right Weight Guarantee offers consumers a 60-day guarantee on all driver sales enabling golfers to exchange their driver free of charge for another weight, flex or loft.

Other initiatives include:

  • A massive capital investment in the most sophisticated and portable launch monitors in the market.
  • The most comprehensive custom shaft offering ever, featuring the latest custom graphite and steel shafts from golf’s most trusted shaft brands.
  • Expanding their fleet of fitting vans traveling nationally. Each van is driven by an expert fitting professional with tools to guarantee the best fit for golfers of all levels. The Cleveland Golf/Srixon fitting fleet is powered by Trackman and GC2 launch monitors, ACTIONFIT Lie Boards and SCUBA club bending technology.
  • Introduction of the SCUBA (Self-Contained Universal Bending Apparatus) to go along with its tour inspired GAP fitting philosophy. With the SCUBA, irons and wedges can be adjusted to the loft and lie angles at the range while fitting a player. As a result, the player can walk away from a fitting session with a completely customized set of clubs (perfect lie angles and distance gaps) delivered the same day.

You can find the complete list of initiatives here.


Srixon Unveils FREE Golf WeatherFIT app

Srixon has just unveiled an app for the iTunes Store that works on the iPhone and iPad.  Called the Srixon Golf WeatherFIT app, it provides accurate 4-day weather forecasts for golf courses around the USA. In addition, the app uses the weather forecast to help you decide how to properly fit your Srixon Z-STAR driver and Srixon golf ball for maximum performance in the weather on those specific days of play.

Yes, you read that correctly.  The Srixon Z-STAR driver features the STAR Fitting System which enables you to independently adjust face angle and the internal weighting of the clubhead.  The face angle adjustment helps you produce more accurate shots. Fine tuning the internal weighting with the different weight options will optimize your desired ball trajectory and swing weight.

>> The STAR fitting system allows up to 84 possible configurations per loft offering for the ultimate in custom club fitting.

It is understandable why you’d need an app for that!

The Z-STAR driver also features Starburst(TM) variable face design, which enlarges the driver’s high COR area by 5 percent, providing added distance and forgiveness. This new driver features a Miyazaki(TM) Dromos(TM) shaft, which is the first premium custom shaft designed specifically for adjustable clubs.

The driver runs $399.99 (retail price).

The app itself is FREE.

Cleveland Golf Launcher TL310 Driver

Listed on the GolfDigest HOT LIST for 2011, Cleveland Golf’s Launcher TL310 Driver is the real deal. The ‘TL’ stands for Tour Lite, with the driver weighing in at 310 grams. Despite the lightness of the club, it is still said to offer stability and feel demanded by the scratch golfer… with room for error for higher handicaps as well. Yes, the club is a good fit for almost any golfer, no matter if they’re looking for shot-shaping or forgiveness off the tee.

For what it’s worth, the TL310 is just part of the ‘Right Weight’ fitting system. The Launcher Ultralite series consists of 3 weights (310g, 290g and 270g). Each of these models is tuned to help players of different swing types and speeds.

The Cleveland Golf Launcher TL310 Driver features a 202 gram head, a 59-series shaft from Miyazaki C. Kua, and a 46 gram Lamkin grip. These of course are stock options, so if you’re looking to tune something specifically for your game, your best bet is to hit up an authorized Cleveland Golf retailer to get started.

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The TL310 is available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5. The 9.5 and 10.5 lofts are available in left-handed models as well. All models pack a 440cc club head, feature a shaft length of 45.25, feature a D4 swingweight and tip the scales at 310 grams.

For more, head on over to Cleveland Golf.

New Arrivals – Cleveland HB3 & CG1 Tour Irons

Waiting is the hardest part — both on course and off.  For those looking to hit the links with a new set of hybrid irons, the good news is that Cleveland Golf’s HB3 irons are now available.  The follow-on (and third generation) to Cleveland’s popular HiBore irons, the HB3 irons are lighter, faster and longer than any of Cleveland’s previous iron sets.

The HB3 is a full iron set that uses an advanced internal weighting and has a “forgiving sole design.”

According to a post on Cleveland Golf’s Facebook page, “The HB3 is a super game improvement iron, geared towards higher handicappers. Helps aid in getting the ball up and huge forgiveness.”

The HB3 has an “Action Ultralite” graphite shaft, which is 15 grams lighter with a lower kick point than its predecessor. As a result you get faster clubhead speeds and higher launch angles.

Weight removal on crown & sole recesses allow for internal discretionary weight placement and a 12% deeper face to CG depth than HiBORE XLi irons.

The new sole design provides recessed sections to reduce drag and improve turf interaction while maintaining wide sole characteristics for increased control and forgiveness.

Available at retailers now, the HB3 carry a MAP price of $599 (steel) and $699 (graphite).  For more information go here.

The new CG1 Tour irons are also starting to make their appearance. Inspired by Cleveland Golf’s  PGA Tour players and designed for consistent ball striking, distance control and a new level of forgiveness never seen before in a blade, these split cavity-back long irons and muscle-back mid/short irons maintain a traditional look while providing extra forgiveness with the workability and feel of a blade.

The CG1 Tour features a breakthrough surface roughness technology known as LASER MILLED.  Using the precision accuracy of a laser, each face features four perfectly calibrated texture lines milled between each groove exactly to the conforming roughness limit. This “Laser Milled face technology” optimizes ball-to-face friction and maximizes spin within the Rules of Golf.

Speaking of rules, the CG1 irons leverage a breakthrough milling technology that creates pristine edge for increasing the “ZIP” and ” and shot consistency –especially from poor lies — while conforming to the 2010 USGA groove rule.

The CG1 Tour irons have a MAP price of $799. You can learn more about them here.

Hint: Watch for demo days near you.  With so many new clubs arriving this spring, your best bet is to try a bunch out to find the ones that address the areas of your game that needs help AND feel the best.


Cleveland CG15 Wedges: Get them Before It’s Too Late!

Cleveland wedges have long been the choice of many a touring professional. The look, the feel, and the accuracy and touch they give you on those shorter shots is undeniable. I too play Cleveland wedges (588 RTG’s, 51*, 56* and 60*), and love ’em to bits. They’re nice and ‘rusty’ these days, and allow me to drop and stop shots from all angles.

The Cleveland CG15 Wedge Family

But this isn’t about what’s in my bag, it’s about the CG15 line. Let’s get started.

The CG15’s are available in 3 custom finishes, and one custom grind. The CG15 Black Pearl wedges offer a dark, glare resistant finish. The CG15 Satin Chrome wedges bring a brushed aluminum look and feel to your short game. The last finish is the CG15 Oil Quench. This finish is sort of a copper/bronze color, and may remind you of your old ‘trusty rusties’ if you have ’em.

The CG15 Oil Quench is also available in a DSG model. DSG stands for ‘Dynamic Sole Grind’ and features a reduction of material on the sole… This is a preference of many top players, as it will allow you to open up the face without too much bounce, allowing you to get through the ball and make better contact.

Without a doubt, the most important features of the Cleveland CG15 Wedges are their precision laser milled faces and ‘Zip’ grooves. With new groove regulations coming into play, it may be a good idea to pick up a set (or two) of these bad boys to ensure you get optimal spin on those short shots for years to come. The ‘Zip’ grooves offer 25% bigger grooves, complete with sharp, cover gripping edges. You’ll notice the distance not only from tight lies, but from shaggy shots out of the rough. The grooves grip, and give you that needed stopping action to control your ball. The laser milled faces also provide an extra layer of ‘roughness’ to the wedge face, giving you another edge over the competition.

For my money, Cleveland wedges are an almost must-have for any serious player. At the very least, they’re worth a look. The classic design coupled with technology and performance make them hard to pass up.

For more information, hit up Cleveland Golf.