Cleveland Golf Launcher TL310 Driver

Listed on the GolfDigest HOT LIST for 2011, Cleveland Golf’s Launcher TL310 Driver is the real deal. The ‘TL’ stands for Tour Lite, with the driver weighing in at 310 grams. Despite the lightness of the club, it is still said to offer stability and feel demanded by the scratch golfer… with room for error for higher handicaps as well. Yes, the club is a good fit for almost any golfer, no matter if they’re looking for shot-shaping or forgiveness off the tee.

For what it’s worth, the TL310 is just part of the ‘Right Weight’ fitting system. The Launcher Ultralite series consists of 3 weights (310g, 290g and 270g). Each of these models is tuned to help players of different swing types and speeds.

The Cleveland Golf Launcher TL310 Driver features a 202 gram head, a 59-series shaft from Miyazaki C. Kua, and a 46 gram Lamkin grip. These of course are stock options, so if you’re looking to tune something specifically for your game, your best bet is to hit up an authorized Cleveland Golf retailer to get started.

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The TL310 is available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5. The 9.5 and 10.5 lofts are available in left-handed models as well. All models pack a 440cc club head, feature a shaft length of 45.25, feature a D4 swingweight and tip the scales at 310 grams.

For more, head on over to Cleveland Golf.

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