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Adams Golf Set to Relaunch Yes! Putters With 8 New Models

Earlier this year Adams Golf acquired Yes! Golf in a bankruptcy auction. They purchased it for $1.5 million with the hope to integrate the company seamlessly into their operations in Texas. Yes! Golf was best known for their patented putter technology designs, which included the C-Groove putters. Trying to break into the putter market for several years, Adams Golf saw this acquisition as the perfect opportunity to fix their lacking presence in the Adams Golf Set to Re-Launch Yes! Puttersputter market. With the inclusion of Yes! Golf putters Adams was able to make a significant leap into the putter market with a respected brand name and a vital technology platform. Founded in 1996 by famed European putting doctor Harold Swash. The brand become internationally known when Retief Goosen won his first US Open with their Tracy model putter. The brand name carries with it a knowledge and understanding of putter technology and design.

This Monday Adams Golf announced that Yes! Golf will be relaunched and include eight new models for the brand.

Adams wasted no time since they acquired the company in January and quickly turned it around to be ready for it’s re-launch into the retail market. One of the new models in this re-launched line is called the Christiana, crafted out of 304 stainless steel and completed with the iconic C-Groove design. The face-balanced club was based on of the popular Yes! Tracy putter. The C-Groove is design was created with precise angles that make a C shape, and where it received its name. These angles will grip the ball at impact, which allow it to start rolling quicker and truer towards the hole. The Christina putter is finished with a double-bend shaft and a sandblasted finish. Expect Yes! to release at least 8 new models for next year’s PGA Merchandise Show in January… Adams Golf is wasting no time establishing a foothold in the putter market.

K.I.S.S. and Furyk’s Putter…

It’s not often that the K.I.S.S. philosophy is applied to golf equipment.  But that was the case of the putter Jim Furyk used to win the Tour Championship ($11.35 million) and FedEx Cup.

Furyk played with  a heel-shafted, Yes! Golf Sophia putter which he purchased used at Joe & Leigh’s Discount Golf Shop just outside Boston.

According to the “The Tour Vanstory posted by Jennifer Gardner, Furyk found the flat stick after putting poorly at the Deutsche Bank Championship, held at the TPC Boston. He was looking for a heel-shafted putter with no alignment aids – “I just wanted it as simple as it could be, heel shafted,” he said – and found the Yes! Sophia putter.

He shelled out a whopping $39 for it.

The little putter that could is now on its way to Wales for the Ryder Cup.


Jim Furyk Wields a used Yes! Sophia Putter to Win at Tour Championship

The Yes! Sophia Putter

The Yes! Sophia Putter

So what was that mystery putter, anyway? I could see the traditional yellow, white and black grip on the putter, so I could tell it was a Yes! putter. But just what model was it that Jim Furyk had in the bag this weekend at the Tour Championship? After some quick sleuthing, I came away with the knowledge that it was a Yes! Sophia putter, and a model that Furyk had picked up in used condition at Joe & Leigh’s Discount Golf Pro Shop in Massachusetts. An interesting story, for sure.

When asked about the new flatstick, Furyk commented:

“It was used. It was a used putter. It’s got a nick on the back flange, it’s got a little ding in the top line. I never loft and lied it which is rare for me because I’ve always got my putters on a loft-lie machine at home, and the way the grip is on it, it might be slightly off center but that’s kind of how I like it anyway. I guess we were meant to be, who knows.”

I have a number of used clubs in the bag as well… I’m glad to see professionals taking to the used scene as well. Used doesn’t always mean abused, there’s still plenty of life in many clubs out there if you give them a chance! Furyk went on to explain further:

“They had some that were bigger, more like a mallet head that were heel shafted, kind of like Faldo used to putt with in his heyday, but they had lines on them, and I wanted something without a line. I just wanted it as simple as it could be, heel shafted. It was the only one in the shop of about 300 putters. At the time I didn’t think it was all the that pretty to be honest with you, but it’s getting a lot better looking every day.”

Very cool indeed. I love the classic look of the Yes! Sophia, reminds me very much of the Wilson 8802. Timeless.

Yes! Putters have a few other similar models up for grabs as well… that is, if blades are your thing. In addition to the Sophia, there’s the Mollie and Morgan. Both are inspired by classic designs… and both feature Yes! C-Groove technology.

For more information or to take a look at Yes! complete lineup, head on over to Yes! Putters.

The Yes! Sophia Putter

The Yes! Sophia Putter Top View

The Yes! Sophia Putter

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