The Wilson Staff 8882 Putter: A Modern Take on a Timeless Classic

A new take on an old classic. That pretty much sums up the Wilson Staff 8882 Putter. Based on the original Wilson 8802 putter, the 8882 brings all of the style, beauty and class you’d expect, in a revamped look of the timeless design.

The Wilson Staff 8882 Putter

The Wilson Staff 8882 Putter

The Wilson 8802 is one of the most famous putter designs in history. Designed by Ashland Manufacturing Company in 1914, it was renamed the Wilson 8802 when Thomas Wilson & Co. got into the game. To say the design is beautiful would be an understatement. To say the design is timeless would be spot-on. The 8802 is straightforward, with no head or toe weighting…

Many greats have used the 8802 over the years. The design itself was inspired by the Calamity Jane model putter that Bobby Jones used so expertly. But through the years such greats as Gene Sarazen and Arnold Palmer had the 8802 in the bag… Plus, Ben Crenshaw even had a replica of the original Wilson 8802 putter in his bag on his way to winning The Masters in 1995. You may recall that final putt on the 18th green, Ben sinking the putt, dropping the putter and putting his head in his hands. A timeless moment… and a timeless putter.

The WIlson 8802 Putter

The Wilson 8802 Putter

But I digress. You can’t deny the Wilson 8802 is one of (if not the most) famous putter designs in history… and Wilson has melded the classic gooseneck design into a new and updated version for 2010. Part of the new 88 line of putters, the Wilson Staff 8882 incorporates precision milling and VDP Alignment technology into a ‘new’ classic. Think of it as a blend of the old with the new.

The dual-milled face grips the ball for a true roll… Also, secondary master grooves in the clubface have been added to provide more forward spin, reducing skid after impact. The arched shape of the grooves will also impart a slight side-spin to help put your ball back on-track if struck off the sweet spot.

The VDP Alignment Technology (Visual Plane Differential) uses multi-surface markings to help get you into the right playing position before you make your stroke. Basically you want to get your eyes directly above the ball, doing so will ensure that the while line appears in-beteween the darker black markings on the face. Simple and easy… and it makes sense! Very reminiscent of the technology used in the SeeMore line.

Wilson Staff VDP Technology

Wilson Groove and VDP Technology

In all, 5 putters are part of the new Wilson Staff 88 line. The Wilson Staff 8881 is a traditional heel/toe weighted putter with plumber hosel. The Wilson Staff 8882 I’ve already talked about above… The Wilson Staff 8883 it a toe weighted semi-mallet with a heel shaft and gooseneck hosel. The Wilson Staff 8884 or a heel/toe weighted putter with a heel shaft and plumber hosel… and finally, the Wilson Staff 8885 is another heel/toe weighted putter, mallet style with plumber hosel.

The Wilson 88 Series of Putters

The Wilson 88 Series of Putters

You can’t go wrong with any of these new offerings from Wilson Staff. The good news is, depending on your taste and style of putter, Wilson has one that should fit your game nicely. For more information be sure to hit up the Wilson Staff 88 Putters.

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