Photo Gallery: Wilson Di11 Irons

The Wilson Di11 Sand WedgeWhen Wilson Golf told me they’d like to send a set of Di11 irons our way for some testing… I said… YES PLEASE!… and what do ya know, the Di11 irons have arrived, and they’re just as gorgeous as they look on the Wilson website.

Fitting nicely into the ‘game improvement’ category in the Wilson Staff lineup for 2011, the Di11’s promise many things. Wilson notes these as follows:

  1. The largest sweetspot and highest ball speed off the face than any other game improvement iron. While I can’t attest to this from experience (yet), the Di11’s do look to have a massive sweetspot, and with the large cavity back, I have no doubt there’s tons of room for error when striking shots.
  2. A wide sole and low CG. The soles on these irons are deep. Really deep. So much so, the longer irons (6 and 5) are on the edge of becoming a hybrid… seriously.
  3. Wide tip technology. Check out the pictures in our photo gallery below to confirm this. Note the wide tip technology at the hosel. The wide shaft negates twisting, resulting in straighter shots.
  4. Elasatomeric Coating. While I can’t speak to this from experience (we haven’t hit the range with these yet), I can tell you the clubs do feel solid, and after stroking a few chips and short shots, the vibration is… well, there’s pretty much no vibration.

We’re really looking forward to testing the Wilson Di11 irons out. I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of positive comments to throw down… However, the low-handicap golfer may want to look elsewhere in the Wilson lineup for a more suitable iron. That’s what we figure… but after a few buckets have been emptied (or 5 or 10), we’ll let you know the low-down.

In the meantime, check out the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery: Wilson Di11 Irons

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