New Arrivals – Cleveland HB3 & CG1 Tour Irons

Waiting is the hardest part — both on course and off.  For those looking to hit the links with a new set of hybrid irons, the good news is that Cleveland Golf’s HB3 irons are now available.  The follow-on (and third generation) to Cleveland’s popular HiBore irons, the HB3 irons are lighter, faster and longer than any of Cleveland’s previous iron sets.

The HB3 is a full iron set that uses an advanced internal weighting and has a “forgiving sole design.”

According to a post on Cleveland Golf’s Facebook page, “The HB3 is a super game improvement iron, geared towards higher handicappers. Helps aid in getting the ball up and huge forgiveness.”

The HB3 has an “Action Ultralite” graphite shaft, which is 15 grams lighter with a lower kick point than its predecessor. As a result you get faster clubhead speeds and higher launch angles.

Weight removal on crown & sole recesses allow for internal discretionary weight placement and a 12% deeper face to CG depth than HiBORE XLi irons.

The new sole design provides recessed sections to reduce drag and improve turf interaction while maintaining wide sole characteristics for increased control and forgiveness.

Available at retailers now, the HB3 carry a MAP price of $599 (steel) and $699 (graphite).  For more information go here.

The new CG1 Tour irons are also starting to make their appearance. Inspired by Cleveland Golf’s  PGA Tour players and designed for consistent ball striking, distance control and a new level of forgiveness never seen before in a blade, these split cavity-back long irons and muscle-back mid/short irons maintain a traditional look while providing extra forgiveness with the workability and feel of a blade.

The CG1 Tour features a breakthrough surface roughness technology known as LASER MILLED.  Using the precision accuracy of a laser, each face features four perfectly calibrated texture lines milled between each groove exactly to the conforming roughness limit. This “Laser Milled face technology” optimizes ball-to-face friction and maximizes spin within the Rules of Golf.

Speaking of rules, the CG1 irons leverage a breakthrough milling technology that creates pristine edge for increasing the “ZIP” and ” and shot consistency –especially from poor lies — while conforming to the 2010 USGA groove rule.

The CG1 Tour irons have a MAP price of $799. You can learn more about them here.

Hint: Watch for demo days near you.  With so many new clubs arriving this spring, your best bet is to try a bunch out to find the ones that address the areas of your game that needs help AND feel the best.


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