Polara Unveils Self-Correcting Golf Balls

A company named Polara Golf has come up with that they call “Self-Correcting Technology™” which they have incorporated in  the Polara Ultimate Straight (2-piece) and the Polara Super Straight (3-piece) golf balls.  Utilizing a unique dimple design (there are 386 dimples), Polara’s Self-Correcting Technology golf balls are supposed to reduce dreaded hooks and slices by up to 75%.

In the company’s press announcement, they stated,  “Using Polara golf balls is guaranteed to improve the game, increase accuracy and lower the score for every golfer.”  That’s definitely an eyebrow-raising claim.

If you go to their website, you’ll find videos and test results.  Limited editions of the Polara golf balls, with the Polara ‘No Limits’ logo are currently available for pre-sale at www.polaragolf.com.  Pricing starts at $27.99 for a box of 12 balls.  Please note that Polara is offering 100% satisfaction guarantee.

“If you are not completely satisfied with any of your Polara® golf balls, simply return the unused portion, package, and cash receipt within 30 days of purchase date (found on your receipt) and we will refund your purchase.”

Could be worth a try…


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