The Cobra ZL Driver: A Closer Look

The Cobra line has long fascinated me. The brand image is young, hip, and by all accounts the clubs are top performers. Through the years I’ve been a Callaway, Cleveland and Titleist fan, having interchanged iron sets, putters, drivers, etc. between these companies… But one of these days I know I’m going to crack and put a Cobra in my bag.

Last fall, I purchased a S9-1 driver, 3-wood and 5-wood for the lady in my life. She’s long had Cobra in the bag, with a set of King Cobra ss-i irons as her iron of choice. The clubs setup nice, have a larger head, and the graphite shafts make them light and a pleasure to swing. With the nagging Cobra ‘bug’ always in the back of my head, I took her S9-1 driver to the range, and even though the ladies-flex shaft was just a tad to whippy for me, I was impressed. With each swing (was just taking smooth, slow swings to get the shaft to kick at the right point) the ball was clearing the fence at the back of the range. NICE. If I can do that with a ladies S9-1, clearly the new Cobra ZL driver would knock the ball into the next county, right? 😛

The Cobra ZL Driver is a multi-material driver engineered for max distance. Aren’t they all? 😛 The crown and sole are made of carbon fiber, the body and face are made from titanium, and the swing weight screw located near the back of the sole provides an ‘optimal’ CG, MOI and spin rate for a high launch with big carry and control.

The ZL also features the ‘9 Point Face Technology’ that we first got wind of with the S9-1 series. All you really need to know here is the clubhead is ‘hot’. Hit the ball almost anywhere on the face and you’re going to experience tremendous launch speeds. I can attest to this.

Another cool thing built-in to the Cobra ZL Driver is the Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT) feature. You can use it to adjust the face-angle settings from open to neutral to closed. This is a handy feature for sure, as it can not only help you straighten out slice or hook symptoms, but better players can tweak the face as they go to help shape their drives with little to no change to their actual swing.

The Cobra ZL Driver is available now in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5. An Aldila VooDoo shaft is the stick of choice, available in a regular and stiff flex. Of course, additional shafts and other customizations are available, but I’d recommend you talk to your local fitter before you even consider ordering something custom. It’s a must to have your clubs tailored to your swing, but please, make sure you have a professional fit you for your needs!

For more information I highly recommend you check out the ZL page on Cobra Golf. More images below!

Note: Forgot to mention, ‘ZL’ stands for ‘Zero Limits’… just sayin’.

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