Wedge Rule Causing Confusion…

Golfweek’s James Achenbach has written a piece discussing the confusion being caused by the USGA’s new wedge rule.  Apparently, 18-year-old rookie pro Sarah Brown, was wrongly removed from the course and disqualified from a Duramed Futures Tour event because two rules officials “blew the call.”  They insisted that Brown’s 54-degree Ping Tour-W wedge was nonconforming (old grooves) when, in fact, it turned out to be conforming (new grooves).

First of all, Ping Tour-W wedges “can be conforming or nonconforming, depending on when and for whom they were manufactured.”

Also, Achenbach noted that for almost all amateurs, the old grooves can be used in everyday play and in competition until 2024. It is only the so-called “elite” amateur tournaments that will require the new grooves at an earlier date, beginning in 2014. 

Not sure where our “rookie pro,” Ms. Brown fits in.

Achenbach calls for a “School of Grooves” to be set up to get golf associations, organizations and players educated.  Not a bad idea!


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