New Allen Edmonds Honors Collection Features QR Technology

Here’s a novel idea which is sure to gain traction (pun intended)…

The new Allen Edmonds Honors Collection™ golf shoes are being shipped with QR code technology on hang tags that can access a special video showcasing the new line’s fine craftsmanship process, Ben Crenshaw’s commentary about the Honors Collection and the line’s five shoe styles. The intent is to provide a push at the point-of-purchase. Of course, shoppers will need a smartphone with a QR app to be able to scan the image of the QR Code and connect to the web via the phone’s browser. Yeah, that’s a lot of steps. But for a $300 pair of golf shoes (actually $295), some folks may be willing to make the extra effort.

The videos are also available on the Allen Edmonds website (

For those not wanting to bother with QR, here’s one of the videos.

Source: Allen Edmonds

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