‘The Donald’ Scrambles Helicopters to Dry out Trump National

Trump International

What do you do when you’re Donald Trump, you own a golf course, and need to dry the darn thing out? Well, logic says that you get a helicopter to hover over wet areas of the course to speed the drying process, of course!

Courtesy @golfviews, the image above is of a chopper drying out the first fairway at the Trump Inernational Golf Club. The first round of the Puerto Rico Open was delayed due to a torrential downpour… Let’s hope they can get the full first round in today.

Note: I suppose this could just be a helicopter landing on the course… but that wouldn’t be much fun now, would it?… and heck, why would a helicopter come in for a landing in the middle of a fairway? Especially when a tournament is on the cusp of starting up? Yeah, it’s drying the fairway, for sure 🙂

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