Contest: Win a Pair of Loudmouth Golf Pants – Which Pair of Loudmouth Pants Should John Daly Wear Next?

So here’s the deal. Earlier this week while watching some of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, I happened to notice the Norwegian curling team wearing some crazy pants. So crazy in fact, that I thought to myself, ‘man, those have GOT to be Loudmouth Pants!’. Sure enough, after a brief bit of research, the pants the team were wearing were indeed from loudmouth, and heck, I think they looked great.

So here’s the deal… I’m going to run a little contest here. It’s simple. To enter you need to do one of two things (or both!).

1. Leave a comment to this post, and let me know which pants you think John Daly should wear on the THURSDAY of his next tour event. To view possible choices head on over to Loudmouth Golf.

2. Follow us on Twitter @GolfCrunchLive and tell your followers about the contest via Twitter. Tweet the contest details to let your friends know about it! Heck, winning a pair of Loudmouth pants is a good thing, no?

That’s all you need to do. If you’re going to leave a comment on this post, select the pair you’d like to see John wear, and tell us WHY you’d like to see him wear them.

A winner will be randomly chosen from the comments AND Twitter. The winner will walk away (literally) with a pair of Loudmouth Pants courtesy of (you select the pair you want!).

That’s it folks. Hop to it. Head on over to Loudmouth Golf and start browsing. Pick the pair you’d like to see John Daly wear, leave your reasons WHY in the comments… Tweet about it on Twitter… and make sure you let John Daly know about it @PGA_JohnDaly. If we all work together maybe we CAN get John to wear the pants of our choosing on the THURSDAY of his next tour event! John has confirmed, he WILL wear the pants of our contest winners’ choosing, on Thursday, March 11th!

Contest ends Tuesday, February 23rd at 11:59PM CST.

Update: We’ve adjusted the contest deadline due a recent conversation we had with John via Twitter. John’s next event is going to be the Puerto Rico Open, which gets under way on March 8th with practice rounds and more… So, in order to get ‘panted’, John has requested we let him know of the winning decision by the Sunday before the event. The deadline for entries will be Saturday, March 6th at 11:59PM CST!

Good luck!

39 Comments on "Contest: Win a Pair of Loudmouth Golf Pants – Which Pair of Loudmouth Pants Should John Daly Wear Next?"

  1. Matt M says:

    JD should wear Shagadelic Black-A next tournament!

  2. ScrappyKK says:

    On Thursday I would like to see Daly in the Shagadelic Black-A…Go JD…time to get back to the winner’s circle!!

  3. Dave M says:

    The Cherry A-bombs for sure!!!! JD “bombs” the ball down the fairway and the design is so crazy it’s something only JD could pull off!!!

  4. coachpete1 says:

    John should wear the evel jeans because they resemble the USA Flag…perfect for Olymipics!

  5. Michael Bazzoni says:

    I think he should wear the Evel Jeans-BT. Perfect for the Team USA spirit!

  6. Mike says:

    I think John should wear the Cherry Bomb. Red and Black as kind of an homage to Tiger, not to mention the stripes.

  7. Joseph Young says:

    He should wear the Margarita E because green is a sweet color and they are nice and retro. They also look great with the white shoes and white belt.

  8. Dean says:

    I think he should wear the Evel pants because he has the same attitude as Evel Knievel…Just Grip it and rip it baby!!!

  9. Bill Beckner says:

    I say JD should throw on a pair of the Margeritas. Sweet slacks to go with the perfect drink down in Puerto Rico.
    My pants size is 36-32. I love the Blue-and-Whites or the Barcodes.

  10. SFHeart says:

    John should be wearing ‘Barcode 1’ ! . . . they are ‘Lion-like’, which is the way ‘The Lion’ should always show up on Thursdays !

  11. Peter Landry says:

    JD should wear the “bar code” pants. The damn things are just lucky, especially when worn with a black shirt, black belt and black shoes. There is an unexplained thing that happens when these are worn! Totally impossible to figure out, but I will play four to five strokes below my handicap with those on. I can even hit the green on the signature 18th (par 4 – dog leg right – elevated green – across water) at my club – and I HATE that hole!!! Loudmouth pants will shave off more strokes from your card than the Medicus and the Lovett wedge combined!!!

  12. DJAL1190 says:

    He needs to wear Disco Balls! That style is fly, ya dig?

  13. Foossh says:

    John should wear Oakmont Houndstooth.

  14. Bob Cotter says:

    I think he should go with Margarita-A. Despite not being in Mexico anymore, a margarita is pretty cool.

  15. ReneeH says:

    Evel Jeans!!!! To celebrate the big TEAM USA hockey win tonight!!!! 😉

  16. Bill says:

    Go for the Maui-A John. Puerto Rico is a tropical place so go for a tropical theme. Besides, I really like those and want a pair!

  17. Joe Sass says:

    I think it would only be appropriate that JD wears the “orange crush” loudmouth pants at his next tour event because no one can crush the ball better.

  18. Lee Raney says:

    When did checkers become an Olympic sport??

  19. Tyler says:

    I’d like to see JD wear the Evel Jeans in honor of the Team USA Hockey victory over Canada, and our impending victories over every other country in every other sport.

    If jeans aren’t an option, I’d go with the Cherry Bomb-A. If there’s one thing I know about Puerto Rico (there isn’t), it’s that there will probably be tigers on every hole, so blending in will be the key to survival.

    Plus, Rickie Fowler is going to be some tough competition, and he seems like the kind of guy that would be afraid of tigers.

  20. Stewart says:

    I think he should wear the Evel pants. The color and look most closely resemple the Puerto Rican flag so that’s WHY I feel they’d be the best choice.

  21. Matt Maples says:

    Cherry Bomb-A is my choice! Go get’em John!

  22. Mike Schultz says:

    I think Mr. Daly should wear the white disco ball pants. They look badass….

  23. chase gibb says:

    Margarita a is the way to go. They have a spring feel to them and spring is next month!!!

  24. Cody Pointer says:

    Evel Jeans, because they remind me of Evil Knievel and he took some crazy chances in life and John, you have done the same. Good Luck huge JD Fan here!!!

  25. chip peterson says:

    Love the loudmouth pants. Think I could conjure up the nerve to wear them on the course? Put John in the shagadelic greens for thurs. Thanks

  26. Dave White says:

    I love the Loudmouth Brand and John should wear the Shagadelic Black pants. Golf needs more guys like JD and for sure more Loudmouth gear!

  27. Bryan Pennebaker says:

    lets go with Carnivale-A….Its that time of year! Thanks for contest

  28. Nick says:

    John should definitely wear the Shagadelic pants but I think the White would look best.

  29. Jeff Burchell says:

    JD should wear the HOT DOG pants!!

  30. Norway-golf says:

    I think he should wear the Aloha Girls-A pants.

  31. David Otto says:

    John should wear the Black Shagadelic -they have great bright colors and contrast.

  32. terumi says:

    please wear “Disco Balls White-A” with Pink shirts which is included in this pants!
    it must be so cute for you!!

  33. Jeff says:

    JD should definitely go with the Maui-A’s! These pants ROCK and John would look bad$%^ in these with a blue Loudmouth shirt and white Loudmouth belt. Maui-A = Madras gone silly bad 🙂
    Go get ’em JD

  34. james says:

    BOOM! Maui-A! Total classic! John will look like a champ when he smokes the field in these bad boys!

  35. Cyndi Mallow says:

    Definitely Shagadelic Black…BABY!!

    I picked these pants because the people of Puerto Rico LOVE Carnivals, Festivals and all the dancing, fun, music and joy that goes along with them. The Shagadelic Black pants represent the kaledescopic facets of the country and culture where John will be playing INCREDIBLY awesome rounds of golf. Pair them up with a shirt in one of the brilliant colors included in the design and John will look like a “Walking Carnival/Festival/Party” and thrill us all as we watch him embrace the “fun” as he delivers the ultimate comeback with a “Top of the Leaderboard” finish for the day!

  36. Ryan Robertson says:

    Mr John Daly would look just awesome in Puerto Rico wearing a sweet pair of Margarita-A’s! It’s a delicious drink and pant! I would love a pair! You go big John!

  37. Todd Yukich says:

    JD should definitely sport the Evel Loudmouth Pants…gotta show off the stars and stripes!!!

  38. Greg Rein says:

    I think he should wear the shagadelic black…..those rock!!!

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