& AMEX Team Up on Course Finder

Here’s a news story that caught up with me on a non-golf website.  Mike Shields of Mediaweek did a a write-up about a new section added to its website, dubbed Courses, which helps golfers find the best, the closest and most or least expensive golf courses in their area.

There are a several search criteria options, such as: price, location, and whether or not they employ a PGA instructor on staff.   Other features include the ability to scout weather conditions, green fees and find out what others have said about the potential courses you’d like to play.  You can let your Facebook buddies know if you “Like” the course.  Plus, if you log in, you can post your thoughts.

Comment: In general, I think this is a great idea and has tremendous potential for fostering community.  What I don’t understand is why they haven’t set it up to work on the mobile PGA site.  I just checked ( and the course selector isn’t an option.  In know from experience that when I get to a course that is crowded, what I want to do, on-the-spot, is identify other options nearby.  Being able to do that with my DROID would rock.

You will notice that American Express is playing a prominent role, sort of like a title sponsor.  The current “Championship Tees” program offers AMEX cardmembers access to renown championship courses… for a price.

Better have a platinum card for that!


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  1. Nicole says:

    T They should have waited to release this until mobile was ready. I think it’ll much more utilized in the mobile version that the regular version.

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