Commissioner Finchem Taking the Heat Over Woods Apology

PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem made an apology today. One that many players will undoubtedly appreciate. Coming under fire for not letting the field know ahead of time that Woods would be taking center stage, Finchem commented ‘It’s just a screw-up on my part’.

Many of the players taking part in the World Golf Championships – Accenture Match Play Championship this week took exception to Woods making his first public appearance at the event. They felt the public apology was ‘selfish’, and it served as a somewhat major distraction. I can only imagine how distracting it would be… However, I thought these were ‘Professional’ golfers, right? Should they not be able to handle any situation and put it out of mind? C’mon boys, lets be professional. I mean, you’re only making millions of dollars to play a game we all love… Let Tiger say his part and move on, OK?

Whatever the case, Finchem’s timely apology to the field was no doubt appreciated… Especially when you consider how quick Finchem was to act and apologize. Woods’ could learn something from the commish here, me thinks 🙂

[Via: PGATour]

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