Donald J. Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf Gets Off to a Troubling Start

I really don’t want to go on and on about this, but I couldn’t help notice it, and wanted to know if anyone else out there noticed the same. The other day, I was watching the first episode of ‘Donald J. Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf’ (I’ll reserve my commentary on this show for a later post, because what I’m concerned about here is the actual match that took place). What I noticed near the end of the first match was, well, it was troubling.

The match in question was between Football Hall of Fame Members Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor. Jerry has a half-decent swing, Lawrence, well, not so much. What’s amazing about Lawrence is how well he manages to get the ball in the hole, with a swing that looks like a full-body dry heave… ANYWAYS…

Lawrence went on to win the match 1 up (I believe that was the final score?)… But on the 17th hole, Lawrence hit his tee ball into the edge of a water hazard. His ball was playable, but it was within the hazard, which was clearly marked. While addressing his ball, I could have sworn he grounded his club within the hazard. Did anyone else not see that!? Or am I seeing things!? This could have clearly been the turning point in the match for Jerry.

Again, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I could swear this is what I noticed. I’m all about playing by the rules, and was a little shocked by this especially when the whole darn thing was televised for everyone to see.

Sound off in the comments, would ya?

Note: Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lawrence didn’t know the rule (not saying that’s an excuse, he should know the rules). From some of his actions on the course he DID seem a little off… I mean, the guy walked over his own putting line at one point, on a short must-make 5 footer. What gives LT? I thought you played every day!?

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