Help Beatriz Recari Make the Mojo 6

OK GolfCrunchers (or is it GolfCrunchies?), it’s time to do good by doing good again. The other day I was contacted by up-and-coming LPGA player Beatriz Recari, asking for a little help. Turns out she needs ALL of our help, which is ultimately the reason for this post. The deal? She’s trying to get as many votes as she can to qualify for the last spot in the Mojo 6.

What is the Mojo 6?

In a nutshell, it’s an event being held in Jamaica in which a field of 16 women golfers will battle it out for a cool $1,000,000. 15 of the 16 spots are already filled, and the last slot comes down to fan voting.

So how do you vote? Head on over to the Mojo 6 site, click ‘vote for me’ and enter your email address. I believe only one entry is allowed per day, so come back each day to cast your vote for Beatriz or any of the other players!

For more information follow Beatriz on Twitter @BeatrizRecari, hit up her Facebook Page, or visit her official site at

Good luck, Beatriz!

Beatriz Recari

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