MLB’s Rays Get “LoudMouthed”

Last Sunday, in honor of old-time manager Clarence “Pants” Rowland (and supposedly Golfer John Daly), the Major League Baseball (MLB) team from Tampa Bay, the Rays, wore  LoudMouth pants for their themed road trip to New York (dubbed “The LoudMouth Pants Rowland trip”).

The concept for the road trip was organized by Rays’ manager Joe Maddon, who has been an admirer of Pants Rowland since discovering that he is the only manager in baseball history to have his team be no-hit twice during the regular season and then go on to win a World Series title with the 1917 Chicago White Sox.

“We are combining a tribute to him, along with LoudMouth pants,” said Maddon. “It is just natural to call it the LoudMouth Pants Rowland road trip, so it works perfectly.”

LoudMouth will provide their bold style to the entire traveling party: players, coaches, trainers, broadcasters and front office staff, making this the team’s flashiest trip ever.  Some of the patterns that were selected by coaches and players were Bushwood, Oakmont Houndstooth, Disco Balls Black and Big Buzz.

Larry Jackson, CEO of LoudMouth Golf said, “LoudMouth is confident that the pants will be the wind beneath the Rays’ wings on their way to a LoudMouth Pants Rowland World Series where we fully expect them to meet our hometown San Francisco Giants for the title!”

Check out this video to see the players getting Loud.

Source:  Golfwire

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