Romo Returns to Cowboys — Withdraws from Open Qualifier

You probably heard by now that Dallas Cowboys quarterback,Tony Romo won’t be playing in the U.S. Open.  He withdrew from the 36-hole sectional qualifier on Monday after bad weather delayed it a second time.  For sure, starting his round with a quadruple bogey wasn’t exactly encouraging (see Tweets here).

Romo pulled out because he needed to return to the Cowboys on Tuesday for practice.  The way things were going, that qualifier round would have been continued on Tuesday.

In an AP story, Romo was quoted talking about what he learned from the experience and what he’d share with his Cowboy teammates.

“On the football field, we’re going and all of a sudden, we have two drives that stall,” Romo said. “Everyone is saying, ‘What’s going on? Why haven’t we done anything?’ We’ll talk about it, we’ll learn from it, we’ll go out and execute on the next one. No matter what happened in the past, it’s about the next play and about going forward and I think that’s what I tried to do today, and I was very proud of fighting back.”

The United States Golf Association said Romo would’ve become the fourth athlete from a professional team sport to qualify for the U.S. Open.


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