What Do the Numbers Mean on the Caddy Uniforms at The Masters?

Caddies Relaxing at The MastersYou may have noticed through the years that all Masters caddies have a unique number on their overalls. I bet you’re wondering what it all means, right? Let’s take a quick look…

From 1983 to present day, players have been (of course) allowed to supply their own caddy. Most (if not all) tour players these days have a caddy that travels to all of the tournaments with them… This is no doubt due to the huge purses and endorsement deals players receive these days. Players can afford to ‘ship’ their caddy’s with them wherever they go. And let’s face it, a great caddy is invaluable. Not only do they give yardage, but they offer swing advice, act as part-time psychologist when needed… and if a solid bond between a caddy and player is formed, the benefits are HUGE.

Wow, I’m getting off track. Getting back to things, the reason I point out 1983 is important. Before that year, all players were required to use the services of an Augusta National Golf Club caddy. The caddies were in full-uniform, as you see today. The Masters demands that all caddies (whether from ANGC or otherwise) maintain the proper uniform, which consists of the white jumpsuit, with the player name on the back (and sometimes the first initial if needed), and a number on the front.

So what’s up with that number? It’s real simple. The defending champion’s caddy gets the number 1. Makes sense. All other golfers get caddy numbers based on the order in which they arrive at Augusta National to register for the tourny. That makes sense too, right? 🙂 Now you know the reason why!

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  1. stbalaam says:

    which golfer has got No 71

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