Natalie Gulbis’ Caddy Has Balls… In His Mouth

Sometimes it takes balls to stand up to your player and recommend a different shot. Other times, it takes balls to lay down on the ground, put a tee in your mouth, and let the boss stroke a drive right down the middle of the fairway.

That’s exactly what Natalie Gulbis’ caddie Greg did the other day, as I found out about via her Twitter feed. As you can clearly see in the shot above, Greg, the ever dutiful caddy submitted to the exhibition, with Natalie cranking one right down the middle.

Frankly, I’d have to close my eyes for this one. When Natalie does that little head-dip she has in her swing, I’d FOR SURE lose my cool and twitch. I know she’s a pro (and a great one at that) but yikers, I’m not sure I’d do this myself.

Wait… you know what? For Natalie Gulbis, for sure… I’d do just about anything 🙂

Tip of the cap to Natalie and Greg for sharing some humor with the world here. Greg, you’ve got balls. Either that, or Natalie has you wrapped around her little finger.

Note: Please excuse the headline, I couldn’t help myself.

One more note: Wouldn’t Natalie be penalized for this shot? I mean, her caddy has a towel underneath him. Isn’t that improving his/her lie? 🙂

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  1. Don L says:

    Greg, your insurance agent called and your policy has been cancelled.

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