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Callaway Finds A New Leading Man (for now)

Anthony Thornley, Callaway Golf Interim PresidentCallaway announced that their President and CEO, George Fellows, resigned stating personal reasons. Fellows has been at the head of Callaway since 2005, his mission was focused on expansion, product cost reduction, and help golf return to the Olympics. Along with his resignation came their second quarter results and which posted a net loss of $55 million.

With this new development, Callaway has had to appoint an interim president. The honor has gone to Callaway Golf board member Anthony Thornley. A great fit for Callaway not only has he been invested in the company while sitting on their board for the past 6 years, he is also an avid golfer, gaming a single digit handicap.

For Thornley, it’s not necessarily the best time to take the lead at a company who posted an unfortunate net loss in their second quarter. However, the changes you can expect to see Thornley make is to first focus on marketing where they have been outdone by some of their competitors in recent years. There is also expected to be a round of layoffs as they reorganize. Thornly will bring in his own leadership skills and style to Callaway in hopes to reboot the company.

Callaway Golf is in no danger of leaving the golf world anytime soon it has been a staple in golf world ever since the introduction of the Big Bertha. This July marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Callaway founder Ely Callaway.

U.S. Open Players Adjust Clubs For the Second Major of the Year

Pro’s making changes to their equipment this week at the U.S. Open is no new revelation. To many it may seem strange for a player to change up what clubs they have been playing with for the previous tournaments. While PGA Tour players don’t always change their equipment, they do tend to make changes to their clubs right before a big tournament. Essentially it all comes down to the course conditions for that tournament. Certain types of golf clubs are better suited for different course conditions.

For this weeks’ U.S. Open the playing conditions at Congressional Country Club blue course are best known for their narrow and long fairways, along with a deep rough. This week it’s crucial for players hit the fairways. Instead of using what players have become comfortable with they are switching to a 2-iron to get the most accuracy possible off the tee. At least 12 players in the field, including 5-time 2nd place U.S. Open finisher Phil Mickelson have added this golf club to their bag. Not having a 2-iron in his bag for the past 6 years may prove more difficult than he imagined, during the first round he shanked the 2-iron off the 14th tee into weeds.

Mickelson and a few other players also added a high lofted wedge to their golf bag for this week’s tournament. The higher lofted wedge allows for more versatility around the green and deep rough. Their shots have a better chance of getting high and landing soft from various lies on the greenside bunkers or in the deep rough.

Every tournament will have players thinking about adding different golf clubs in their bag depending on the conditions. The same 14 clubs in their bag for one tournament may not make sense for another depending on the course. When preparing for the U.S. Open (arguably one of the toughest majors to win) players will prepare as best the can to have every advantage possible on a tough course like Congressional.

Equipment or Instruction – Which Would YOU Choose?

Hank Haney Recently Signed a Deal with TaylorMadeWho picks equipment over instruction? Legendary golf instructor Hank Haney recently revealed to Golf Digest that he would pick equipment. Haney who opened up his first golf instruction center in 1991 has been honored with numerous awards throughout his career. He is best known for his years spent as coach to Tiger Woods and over 200 touring professional from the PGA, LPGA, Champions, European, Japanese, Australian and Asian Tours. Or you might recognize him from his popular television series “The Haney Project” on The Golf Channel.

An interesting comment from a man who made it his life’s work to help people learn to play golf. However in the article he commented “You’re still playing a game where you’re standing to the side of the ball and the ball’s sitting on the ground and you turn your body and you swing your hands and arms.” There are more knowledgeable golf instructors around the world today and with the help of technology they can even help remotely. Nevertheless, the fundamentals have not changed.

Where the true breakthroughs have been in equipment technology. The better the equipment gets the easier it is to break through golf’s harsh learning curve. Take into account how much golf drivers have changed in the last 10 years. Everything has been tailored and improved. For example the TaylorMade R11 may make headlines because of its non-glare white finish but where it really shines is its adjustability. An adjustable sole adjusts the face angle of the club and it also offers you the ability to adjust the launch angle. Callaway created a new material for their latest driver. In a partnership with Lamborghini they created a material called forged composite, which is lighter and stronger than the traditional titanium used on golf clubheads.

A recent deal with TaylorMade is perhaps the reason behind this sudden statement. He will now be teaching with only TaylorMade equipment and wearing their logos on the course. Both Haney and TaylorMade are leaders in innovation for their industry, which will hopefully lead to a good partnership.

Adams Golf Set to Relaunch Yes! Putters With 8 New Models

Earlier this year Adams Golf acquired Yes! Golf in a bankruptcy auction. They purchased it for $1.5 million with the hope to integrate the company seamlessly into their operations in Texas. Yes! Golf was best known for their patented putter technology designs, which included the C-Groove putters. Trying to break into the putter market for several years, Adams Golf saw this acquisition as the perfect opportunity to fix their lacking presence in the Adams Golf Set to Re-Launch Yes! Puttersputter market. With the inclusion of Yes! Golf putters Adams was able to make a significant leap into the putter market with a respected brand name and a vital technology platform. Founded in 1996 by famed European putting doctor Harold Swash. The brand become internationally known when Retief Goosen won his first US Open with their Tracy model putter. The brand name carries with it a knowledge and understanding of putter technology and design.

This Monday Adams Golf announced that Yes! Golf will be relaunched and include eight new models for the brand.

Adams wasted no time since they acquired the company in January and quickly turned it around to be ready for it’s re-launch into the retail market. One of the new models in this re-launched line is called the Christiana, crafted out of 304 stainless steel and completed with the iconic C-Groove design. The face-balanced club was based on of the popular Yes! Tracy putter. The C-Groove is design was created with precise angles that make a C shape, and where it received its name. These angles will grip the ball at impact, which allow it to start rolling quicker and truer towards the hole. The Christina putter is finished with a double-bend shaft and a sandblasted finish. Expect Yes! to release at least 8 new models for next year’s PGA Merchandise Show in January… Adams Golf is wasting no time establishing a foothold in the putter market.

Nike VR Pro Driver Really Making a Splash On Tour

Nike’s latest driver the VR Pro has been making quiet a splash on Tour, helping Nike golfers win tournaments across the world.

Nike VR Pro DriverBeginning last year Anthony Kim and Francesco Mollinari played this driver. Recently John Cook used it to validate his victory on the Championship Tour during the Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am. Rookie Jhonattan Vegas used the driver during his first win on the PGA Tour at the Bob Hope Classic. Averaging 309 yards off the tee during the 5 rounds of the classic he scored in the 60s to show this driver definitely lives up to it’s Nike namesake. Not forgetting the most masterful winner using the tour version of this driver was Charl Schwartzel during his monumental win at the Maters this year. When it boils down to it these golfers all had the talent and paired with the right equipment they made these wins possible.

Crafted wit the latest technology and advanced design from Nike the VR Pro Driver is the perfect fit to their VR series. Designed with a pear shape so the weight could be distributed to optimum center of gravity locations. A traditional shaped head the pear profile is a classic look from the playing position. As the latest addition to the VR line Nike stocked these clubs with Project X shafts. With new Variable Compression Channels players are able to get better ball speed and greater distance. It broadens the length of the face so that on draw or fade shots golfers can still get the distance they desire. A distinctively Nike feature is the use of their STR8-Fit angle technology on the face. This technology allows golfers to adjust the club angels to get the best workability out of the club. Adjustable to an astonishing 32 different options ranging from 2 degrees open to 2 degrees closed in .25-degree increments, players can craft and work what type of shots they want.

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