Wilson Staff FG Tour Irons: A Classic Look Blended With Modern Technology

I have to warn you, I’m going to be on a little bit of a Wilson Staff kick over the next little while. Out of curiosity, I tweeted the good folks at Wilson Staff (@WilsonGolf), wondering what sticks Ricky Barnes was playing these days. He’s been consistently at or near the top of the leaderboards so far this year, with 9 cuts made in 10 events, 3 top 25’s and 2 top 10’s. Not too shabby… Looks like his game is headed in the right direction. Naturally, one of the things I want to know when a player is in-form, is the equipment he or she is using. Wilson Staff kindly obliged, letting me know that Ricky is playing the new FG Tour irons, and a 48 degree Tw9 wedge. I’m going to take a look at the FG Tours below.

Wilson Staff FG Tour Irons

A meld of classic looks and modern forgiveness, the FG Tours are made from a mild carbon steel. They’re precision forged and integrate a progressive offset for more accurate short irons, and easier to hit long irons. They also feature a preference of most top pros, a thin top line and square toe blade shape. A very classic look indeed.

On top of the classic silhouette is actually some modern forgiveness. A shallow cavity redistributes weight from the heel to the toe of each iron. This moves the center of gravity to the center of the face for increased stability and solid feel through the shot.

Last but not least, the grooves on the FG Tour irons ARE conforming. The face and grooves are CNC-milled to the maximum limits of the new specs enforced by the USGA and R&A.

A couple more shots of the FG Tour Irons are below. For more information, hit up Wilson Golf.

Wilson Staff FG Tour Irons

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