Wilson Staff Di11 Irons: Review Coming Soon!

The good folks at Wilson Golf have been in touch with us regarding their Di11 Irons… and good on ’em, as they’re sending us a 4, 7 and Pitching Wedge for testing purposes. The clubs should be in our possession this coming week, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Wilson sets out some hefty claims on the Di11’s. They say the Di11’s have the largest sweet spot on the market. In fact, competitive testing and evaluation had the Di11 irons pegged with a 36% larger sweet spot than any other game improvement irons on the market (this includes iron offerings from TaylorMade, Ping and Callaway). In addition to the massive sweet spot, ball velocity off the club face was also measured at the top of the pack.

The Wilson Staff Di11 irons also feature a wide sole and low center-of-gravity. The weight is packed down low to help the average player get the ball up in the air. The perimeter weighting also promotes head stability and an arrow-straight ball flight.

Wilson has also integrated their wide-tip technology into the Di11 set. You’ll notice how ‘fat’ the shaft is at the hosel… that’s what we’re talking about here. This technology negates a lot of the twisting on off-center hits, promoting a straighter ball flight.

To top it all off, Wilson coats the Di11 irons with a lightweight elastomer to reduce vibration on those nasty off-center hits.

All-in-all, the Wilson Staff Di11 irons look to be leading the way in game improvement irons. How do they stack up? How will they play for the 3 handicap? The 10 handicap? The 20 handicap? We’ll find out once the clubs are in-house… we can’t wait!

Special thanks again to Wilson Golf and the folks at Sports Impact. For more information, read the official launch press release from Wilson Staff below:


– New Di11 irons come out on top vs major competitors in intensive tests –

Wilson Staff, the brand with an unrivaled 61 Major victories, has introduced the new aggressively-designed Wilson Staff Di11 – the longest set of irons ever produced by Wilson Golf and longer in testing than all the leading rivals in the same club category.

The latest edition to the award-winning Wilson Staff range that has helped propel the brand’s share of the iron market to its highest level in a decade features improvements to previous ‘distance’ category clubs in virtually every performance area, making the Di11 the most forgiving iron on the market.

The Di11 incorporates the largest sweet spot of any Wilson iron – 36% larger than other game improvement clubs in the same category – and is the result of weight being removed from the perimeter of the face and inside of the cavity leaving a large, unsupported face. Vibration on off-centre shots is reduced significantly by a coating of the same lightweight elastomer used on the underside of bridges to dampen structurally-damaging vibration caused by traffic.

Weight in the clubhead is pulled low to promote a higher ball flight and back away from the face to provide exceptional stability and accuracy. The resulting ultra-wide sole offers improved turf interaction on the fairway and the ability to rip through the heaviest of rough without sacrificing control.

To maximize distance, lightweight shaft options deliver faster clubhead speeds than its nearest competitors in the same game improvement category. The combination of its stable, forgiving clubhead and patented wide-tip shaft technology has made the Di11 iron the ultimate in distance and accuracy, whilst a thinner and rounder topline improves the ‘visual cue’ at address to inspire shot-making confidence and cross-over appeal to a wider range of golfers.

Three-time Major winner Padraig Harrington played with a Di11 3-iron to gain distance and accuracy off the tee on blustery links courses earlier this summer.

“We classify the largest segment of the golfing population as D or ‘distance’ players who are looking to hit the ball further and straighter,” said Bob Thurman, Global Director of R&D at Wilson Golf. “Wilson Staff has a very strong heritage in this segment and intensive testing proves that the Di11 not only meets these needs, it exceeds them.”

Wilson is so convinced of the exceptional performance of Di11, that its forthcoming marketing campaign is based on the theme: ‘In a world of 1 to 10, this goes to 11…Once you hit it. You get it.’

The Wilson Staff Di11 irons are available (4-SW) in three different shaft options – steel (SL95 Wide Tip, 95g), graphite (UST AXIVCORE, 65g) and the exclusive co-cured ‘Half-and-Half’ shaft design that fuses the responsiveness of steel with the lightweight vibration-dampening properties of graphite. The RRP of the True Temper SL95 is £349, the UST AXIVCORE £449 and the ‘Half-and-Half’ £449.

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