Tiger Woods + David After Dentist = One Great Parody Ad

The new Tiger Woods Nike ad has been a polarizing topic. You either love it or hate it, and quite honestly, almost everyone I’ve talked to seems to have a distaste for the spot. I can’t blame ’em. But there’s something else going on around the interwebs these days… Parodies of the same ad are floating around, and according to the folks at Visible Measures, the parodies are doing even better than the original. Take a look at the chart below:

Tiger Woods Online Ad Views

Interesting. If you pop open YouTube and do some searching, you’ll find a jackpot of spin-offs, but one in particular is the winner for me. It features the ‘David After Dentist’ audio (I’ve included this video below too…) But it just seems to work for some reason. I don’t know, confused, crying kid… something works. Check out the videos below, and as always, enjoy.

[Via: AllThingsDigital]

5 Comments on "Tiger Woods + David After Dentist = One Great Parody Ad"

  1. Tim Nolan says:

    Being raised with a golf club in my hands, I think my Dad would be proud of me for this one. – Tim Nolan (Creator of Tiger after the Dentist)

  2. James says:

    *tip of the cap* Tim, well played. 🙂

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