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Wilson Staff Black PVD Ci11 Irons

Geared towards the average player looking to improve his or her game, Wilson has introduced the Black PVD Ci11 Irons.

While we haven’t had our hands on them just yet, we HAVE played the Di11 irons, and can attest to the easy-to-hit nature of these irons. The Ci11’s are no doubt a step in a positive, more ‘game improving’ direction.

A lot of factors went into designing these game improvement irons. The black finish is all about optics. The higher contrast between the club and ball will help with alignment. The finish also helps the club appear smaller, focusing your attention on making a solid hit. The PVD finish also reduces glare from the sun. The clubhead is what Wilson calls ‘optimally’ sized… I take that to mean they’re not too big, and not too small… just the right size for someone looking to make moves into a low-teen or single digit handicap. Perhaps the most important factor (at least when it comes to setup at address) is the thin top line on these irons. Having played many muscle backs for years, I certainly prefer this look, especially if you like to shape your shots. The C11’s set the stage for any golfer looking to take their game to a new level.

Wilson Staff was kind enough to share some press shots with us, please check them out below. After that, feel free to read over the official release. If you have a set of C11’s or are a Wilson Staff junkie, we’d love to get your thoughts.

Wilson Staff Black PVD Ci11 Irons – Photo Gallery


Striking black irons offer looks, control & distance for ‘crossover’ golfer

Wilson Golf, the most successful irons manufacturer in the history of the game with 61 Major wins, has launched a fourth generation of its award-winning game-improvement Ci (Control) line with the new Wilson Staff Ci11 irons aimed at ‘crossover’ golfers looking to make the transition to the better-player category.

The new, striking black PVD Ci11 irons deliver maximum playability for the aspirational golfer, as well as the power and forgiveness for those players looking for additional technology. The club’s optimal head size and shape continues the award-winning iron tradition, while maintaining a thin topline and moderately progressive offset that suits the eye of the serious player.

The model is the first iron from Wilson with sleek black PVD colouring across the entire set, helping to minimise the visual appearance of the head size and reduce any glare at address – both factors the better player looks for in an iron.

Re-engineered exoskeleton weighting in the Ci11 provides optimal MOI and stability by pulling weight away from the clubface and towards the heel and toe. The striking irons deliver a crisp feel and satisfying sound on impact through a one-piece, soft-response insert concealed in soft 431 stainless steel that helps dampen vibration even on off-centre shots.

Using the latest in club face technology, the Ci11 irons also feature a thinner, harder face that generates stronger ball flight and greater ball speed and distance.

These irons fit perfectly into our C-style player category and we’re confident that they will deliver maximum playability for the crossover player who also wants additional technology for extra power and forgiveness,” said Bob Thurman, Wilson’s Vice President of R&D.

The Wilson Staff Ci11 irons are available with True Temper TX Flighted steel shafters, Aldila VS Proto II graphite shafts, or with Wilson’s exclusive patent-pending Half & Half shafts (4-PW) at a RRP of £429 (~$689 USD)

For further information about Wilson Staff clubs, visit:

Photo Gallery: Wilson Di11 Irons

The Wilson Di11 Sand WedgeWhen Wilson Golf told me they’d like to send a set of Di11 irons our way for some testing… I said… YES PLEASE!… and what do ya know, the Di11 irons have arrived, and they’re just as gorgeous as they look on the Wilson website.

Fitting nicely into the ‘game improvement’ category in the Wilson Staff lineup for 2011, the Di11’s promise many things. Wilson notes these as follows:

  1. The largest sweetspot and highest ball speed off the face than any other game improvement iron. While I can’t attest to this from experience (yet), the Di11’s do look to have a massive sweetspot, and with the large cavity back, I have no doubt there’s tons of room for error when striking shots.
  2. A wide sole and low CG. The soles on these irons are deep. Really deep. So much so, the longer irons (6 and 5) are on the edge of becoming a hybrid… seriously.
  3. Wide tip technology. Check out the pictures in our photo gallery below to confirm this. Note the wide tip technology at the hosel. The wide shaft negates twisting, resulting in straighter shots.
  4. Elasatomeric Coating. While I can’t speak to this from experience (we haven’t hit the range with these yet), I can tell you the clubs do feel solid, and after stroking a few chips and short shots, the vibration is… well, there’s pretty much no vibration.

We’re really looking forward to testing the Wilson Di11 irons out. I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of positive comments to throw down… However, the low-handicap golfer may want to look elsewhere in the Wilson lineup for a more suitable iron. That’s what we figure… but after a few buckets have been emptied (or 5 or 10), we’ll let you know the low-down.

In the meantime, check out the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery: Wilson Di11 Irons

Wilson Staff Di11 Irons: Review Coming Soon!

The good folks at Wilson Golf have been in touch with us regarding their Di11 Irons… and good on ’em, as they’re sending us a 4, 7 and Pitching Wedge for testing purposes. The clubs should be in our possession this coming week, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Wilson sets out some hefty claims on the Di11’s. They say the Di11’s have the largest sweet spot on the market. In fact, competitive testing and evaluation had the Di11 irons pegged with a 36% larger sweet spot than any other game improvement irons on the market (this includes iron offerings from TaylorMade, Ping and Callaway). In addition to the massive sweet spot, ball velocity off the club face was also measured at the top of the pack.

The Wilson Staff Di11 irons also feature a wide sole and low center-of-gravity. The weight is packed down low to help the average player get the ball up in the air. The perimeter weighting also promotes head stability and an arrow-straight ball flight.

Wilson has also integrated their wide-tip technology into the Di11 set. You’ll notice how ‘fat’ the shaft is at the hosel… that’s what we’re talking about here. This technology negates a lot of the twisting on off-center hits, promoting a straighter ball flight.

To top it all off, Wilson coats the Di11 irons with a lightweight elastomer to reduce vibration on those nasty off-center hits.

All-in-all, the Wilson Staff Di11 irons look to be leading the way in game improvement irons. How do they stack up? How will they play for the 3 handicap? The 10 handicap? The 20 handicap? We’ll find out once the clubs are in-house… we can’t wait!

Special thanks again to Wilson Golf and the folks at Sports Impact. For more information, read the official launch press release from Wilson Staff below: Continue reading →

The Wilson Staff 8882 Putter: A Modern Take on a Timeless Classic

The Wilson Staff 8882 Putter

A new take on an old classic. That pretty much sums up the Wilson Staff 8882 Putter. Based on the original Wilson 8802 putter, the 8882 brings all of the style, beauty and class you’d expect, in a revamped look of the timeless design.

The Wilson Staff 8882 Putter

The Wilson Staff 8882 Putter

The Wilson 8802 is one of the most famous putter designs in history. Designed by Ashland Manufacturing Company in 1914, it was renamed the Wilson 8802 when Thomas Wilson & Co. got into the game. To say the design is beautiful would be an understatement. To say the design is timeless would be spot-on. The 8802 is straightforward, with no head or toe weighting…

Many greats have used the 8802 over the years. The design itself was inspired by the Calamity Jane model putter that Bobby Jones used so expertly. But through the years such greats as Gene Sarazen and Arnold Palmer had the 8802 in the bag… Plus, Ben Crenshaw even had a replica of the original Wilson 8802 putter in his bag on his way to winning The Masters in 1995. You may recall that final putt on the 18th green, Ben sinking the putt, dropping the putter and putting his head in his hands. A timeless moment… and a timeless putter.

The WIlson 8802 Putter

The Wilson 8802 Putter

But I digress. You can’t deny the Wilson 8802 is one of (if not the most) famous putter designs in history… and Wilson has melded the classic gooseneck design into a new and updated version for 2010. Part of the new 88 line of putters, the Wilson Staff 8882 incorporates precision milling and VDP Alignment technology into a ‘new’ classic. Think of it as a blend of the old with the new.

The dual-milled face grips the ball for a true roll… Also, secondary master grooves in the clubface have been added to provide more forward spin, reducing skid after impact. The arched shape of the grooves will also impart a slight side-spin to help put your ball back on-track if struck off the sweet spot.

The VDP Alignment Technology (Visual Plane Differential) uses multi-surface markings to help get you into the right playing position before you make your stroke. Basically you want to get your eyes directly above the ball, doing so will ensure that the while line appears in-beteween the darker black markings on the face. Simple and easy… and it makes sense! Very reminiscent of the technology used in the SeeMore line.

Wilson Staff VDP Technology

Wilson Groove and VDP Technology

In all, 5 putters are part of the new Wilson Staff 88 line. The Wilson Staff 8881 is a traditional heel/toe weighted putter with plumber hosel. The Wilson Staff 8882 I’ve already talked about above… The Wilson Staff 8883 it a toe weighted semi-mallet with a heel shaft and gooseneck hosel. The Wilson Staff 8884 or a heel/toe weighted putter with a heel shaft and plumber hosel… and finally, the Wilson Staff 8885 is another heel/toe weighted putter, mallet style with plumber hosel.

The Wilson 88 Series of Putters

The Wilson 88 Series of Putters

You can’t go wrong with any of these new offerings from Wilson Staff. The good news is, depending on your taste and style of putter, Wilson has one that should fit your game nicely. For more information be sure to hit up the Wilson Staff 88 Putters.

Wilson Staff FG Tour Irons: A Classic Look Blended With Modern Technology

Wilson Staff FG Tour Irons

I have to warn you, I’m going to be on a little bit of a Wilson Staff kick over the next little while. Out of curiosity, I tweeted the good folks at Wilson Staff (@WilsonGolf), wondering what sticks Ricky Barnes was playing these days. He’s been consistently at or near the top of the leaderboards so far this year, with 9 cuts made in 10 events, 3 top 25’s and 2 top 10’s. Not too shabby… Looks like his game is headed in the right direction. Naturally, one of the things I want to know when a player is in-form, is the equipment he or she is using. Wilson Staff kindly obliged, letting me know that Ricky is playing the new FG Tour irons, and a 48 degree Tw9 wedge. I’m going to take a look at the FG Tours below.

Wilson Staff FG Tour Irons

A meld of classic looks and modern forgiveness, the FG Tours are made from a mild carbon steel. They’re precision forged and integrate a progressive offset for more accurate short irons, and easier to hit long irons. They also feature a preference of most top pros, a thin top line and square toe blade shape. A very classic look indeed.

On top of the classic silhouette is actually some modern forgiveness. A shallow cavity redistributes weight from the heel to the toe of each iron. This moves the center of gravity to the center of the face for increased stability and solid feel through the shot.

Last but not least, the grooves on the FG Tour irons ARE conforming. The face and grooves are CNC-milled to the maximum limits of the new specs enforced by the USGA and R&A.

A couple more shots of the FG Tour Irons are below. For more information, hit up Wilson Golf.

Wilson Staff FG Tour Irons