Nike Method 002 Putter: Photo Gallery

To say I’m impressed with the Nike Method 002 putter would be an understatement. I’ve had the good fortune of spending some time with this superb putter over the past few weeks… and it is, in a word, stellar.

While my review is forthcoming, in the meantime I wanted to share a quick photo gallery for you to take in. The lines on the club are clean, and setup to the ball is extremely square and comfortable. When I place the Nike Method 002 down behind the ball, I immediately feel lined up, ready to make a confident stroke.

That said, I’m going to cut myself well short here because I could ramble on and on and on about this putter… I’ll save it for the official review. Enjoy the photo gallery below.

Nike Method 002 Putter Photo Gallery

Note: A quick thanks to Tim and Victoria over at Nike Golf for sending the 002 our way.

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